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Welcome! This website was created on 12 Oct 2006 and last updated on 20 May 2019. The family trees on this site contain 523 relatives and 144 photos. If you have any questions or comments you may send a message to the Administrator of this site.
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About The Morris Family and relatives.
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The Morris Family back in the 17oo`s were farmers or farm workers around the Welsh Border,  Leominster , Hereford and Bromyard
 area and moved into Worcester in the 1800`s and became business  people in one way or another, Grocers Publicans, Bakers, Chemists, Cobblers, Potters, Builders  Newsagents, an 
 Introduction agency, a specialist cheese stall, a post office, Ice cream van, Estate  agency, 
 Property development, either by  
 inheriting family businesses or stating their own. Of late a spray tanning  business,and   a taxi and bus business and Turkish property agency. Of late (2017) A.E. Morris  Jr has started a new enterprise. (The Worcester Dogfather) which entails walking and caring for  clients dogs. He also has five adopted special needs dogs which he imported from abroad after they  had been badly mis treated. 
 This "go it alone" tradition seems 
 to carry on to the present day as another new Ice sculptures  and chocolate fountain  business has been started and is at this time going from strength to strength.  by A E Morris Jnr and his wife Tania, so  family members are still willing to have a  go at anything. Hobbies have included amateur acting,  steam railways,     
 Photography, Amateur radio, D.I.Y. Ancient vehicles, scuba diving property  development, 1940`s re enactments, Book writing, and  
 gardening by the 
 green fingered Jean 
 Generally speaking over the years they seem to have "had a go" at just about  everything including a spate of politics by Kitty (1915) In later years Andrew  (1969) had a foray in the Anti War Coalition attending demo`s in London and  U.S. Air bases. Is the author of  several books. Andrew at the present time is a supervisor in a  big company.   military service included William Wilkins 
 serving in the R.A.F. as a 
 military policeman  both at home and abroad including Egypt.  
  Ted Morris
 (1913) served in the R.A.S.C.in France, Italy, Belgium Holland and Norway and  was actually a G.I. for a while after being rescued by American troops when  his unit was all but wiped out by an S.S. division  Ted despite being shot  twice survived and with a few survivors fought on with the Americans until  they could rejoin a British command and be re issued with British uniforms and  kit.

James Guy was a "Desert Rat" at El Alemein and Egypt as well as service in  France Italy and Germany.


Noel Griffiths is believed to have been one of the Welsh farmers who during  WW11 was recruited into "The secret army" of potential resistance fighters to sabotage  Nazi efforts if we had been invaded. Members had bunkers and secret  arms dumps on their land. They were trained in the use of arms and explosives. Noel would never  speak  about this as they had been sworn under the 
 official secrets act but after he died I found papers in his effects refering to this subject and  recruitment papers which I passed on to his daughter.

Roy (Ron) Stock in WW11 was an R.A.F. tail gunner in a bomber and due to the  hazzards of the job was lucky to come through unscathed.

Bob Clarke also served in WW11 as R.A.F. aircrew and was also one of the lucky  few to return.

During WW1 Stan Palmer was awarded the military medal postumously after he had  rescued wounded comrades under fire. actions which finally got him killed. He has no known grave but is remembered on the large memorial at Ploegsteert military cemetary in Belgium........

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