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About The Boyd Clan-FF Edward Whitton
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"I saw behind me those who had gone, and before me, those who are to come.I looked back and saw my Father, and his Father,and his Father, and all our Fathers, and in front, to see my Son, and his Son, and all sons upon Sons beyond. And their eyes were my eyes" - from Richard Llewellyn's 'How Green Was My Valley"

We are very proud descendants of FIRST FLEETER EDWARD WHITTON and Third Fleeter ANN  SLATER.

Edward was tried in Maidstone Kent for Highway Robbery in 1783,age 32 years,spent 3 years on the hulk 'Censor', then on 13th May 1787 he left England on board the 'Scarborough' as part of the FIRST FLEET commanded by Capt Arthur Phillip.

Ann was tried (Details Unknown) in Dublin Ireland in 1788, age 30 years, spent 3 years in prison, then in April 1791 she left Ireland on board the 'Queen' as part of the Third Fleet.

Their descendants in Australia and other parts of the World now number in the several thousands.

There are a number of transported Convicts together with Irish Orphan Girls and Australian Cricket players in the Family Tree.

There is also connections to First Fleeters PETER HIBBS (First Fleet Able Seaman RN- HMS Sirius),MATTHEW EVERINGHAM (First Fleet Convict-Scarborough), EDWARD MILES(First Fleet Convict-Scarborough)and FREDERICK MEREDITH (First Fleet Ships Steward-Scarborough), OWEN CAVANOUGH (First Fleet Able Seaman-HMS Sirius), MARGARET DARNELL (First Fleet Convict-Prince of Wales) JOHN CROSS (First Fleet Convict-Alexander) JOHN RAMSAY (First Fleet Convict- Scarborough) and  Mary DAVIDSON (2nd Fleet Convict- Lady Juliana)

I would like to thank the following Descendants for their generosity in sharing their discoveries 
Warwick Allen(/Richard Dawson)   Shirley Anderson (/Richard Barnes)  Pat Bowen(/Emma Dawson)              
Merv Commons   (/Sarah Jane Dawson)  Bettina Dwyer  (/William Michael Dwyer) Rex Gibson(/Emma Dawson)                   Joan Knight  (/Isaac Dawson)   Ray Lane  (/Edward Barnes)   Lynne MacKenzie  (/Mary Ann Dawson)          
Norman McVicker OAM  (/Amelia Barnes)  Rex Moore(/Jane Molina Dawson)  
Pauline Newell  (/William Eccleston)  Barry Peck (/Mary Ann Dawson)  Norma Rainey   (/Edward Barnes)               Raelene Treis   (/Mary Ann Dawson)
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