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Welcome to our Redmond family tree. We hope you enjoy our site and will contribute. 
This family tree is being compiled by Elizabeth  Noeleen Comiskey  granddaughter of Elizabeth 
nee Redmond and Tony Redmond grandson of Patrick Redmond and Sarah Cuffe.
Much effort has been put into making the site as accurate as possible, we welcome corrections. 

The name REDMOND derives from the old french name Ramond or Raimud. The first recorded Raymond 
in Ireland was in the Domesday  book as Alexander Raymond in 1170. They were granted land by 
Strongbow Earl of Pembroke during the Anglo Norman invasion in 1172 in Wexford. The Redmond 
built the original Redmond hall in 1350 about the time of the black death. It replaced their 
original castle at Houseland near Portersgate on the Wexford Peninsula. 

 I was told he was a very fine carpenter.He lived at Tara Hill Kildermot where he was a tenant of
Lord Courtown.

His land consisted of 2 acres 1 rod and 40 perches on which was built a small house and 
where I guess his carpentry work was carried out.  I 
have in my possession a very old Library chair made by him sometime in the 1800.

Last week, Tony and myself went to Trinity College to look at Lord Courtown's Estate papers.
In July 1870,Spencer (Lord Courtown's agent) reports to Micheal Redmond that he's building a 
 at back of the house for him as a workshop. The building began July 12, 1870. Michael was 
 £7 pounds to assist him in building his workshop for which he is to pay 10 shillings a year
 additional rent.

It seems that Micheal was the estate carpenter, looking after all the repairs to tenants houses 
the Estate.In 1865 Michael Redmond was ordered to make a door for Rose McDonald. On  5th 
1864 Micheal was ordered to get timber from Mr Reynolds to make door and door frame for a 

On 19 March 1869, Thomas Redmond (the son of the carpenter Michael Redmond) was fined 5 
for cutting down trees near Staceys Hollow.This was just a short distance from the house in a 
owned then by William Stacey another tenant of Lord Courtowns.

On 27th April 1882, rents were documented for Michael Redmonds sons - Thomas Redmond in future 
pay 15 shillings per annum and John Redmond in future to pay 15 shillings per annum.

"makes this arrangement which only holds good during his lifetime after his death the land is 
to go 
to John Redmond who holds a deed giving it to him Micheal Redmond tenant John Redmond living 
his roof."

We found a little rent book for Thomas Redmond in Trinity noting his rent as 1/6.
some weeks he paid 3/0 some 6/0. On  Aug 6, 1891 it states he is paid up to 28th December 1891. 

We also found a document entitled "THE WORKING MEN AT TARA HILL PLANTATION 1838-39"
It lists another Thomas Redmond and his son Thomas, both carpenters. We now have to figure out 
this the father of Micheal some more digging required.
So Michael Redmond was our Great Great Grandfather, born 1812. We know that his father was also 
called Michael Redmond and his mother Elizabeth Nowlan. Michael and Elizabeth would have been 
around 1770. They had 6 children in total, George (b.1792), James (b.1802), Elizabeth (b.1802), 
(b.1805), John (b.1807) and our Great Grandfather, Michael (b.1812)

They were all born at Ballincarrig, Tara Hill, Co. Wexford, with the exception of James who was 
in 1802 in Cullanogue, Castletown, Co. Wexford. This is because his mother, Elizabeth Nowlan, 
think came from Macoyle which is in the Castletown area of Tara Hill.

Our next quest is to find the descendants of all the other brothers of Michael and 
sister. Like ourselves there has to be lots more Redmonds and descendants out there from this 
family. We are also digging to find the birthdates of Elizabeth and Michael, born around 1770 
then onto their parents details.

We met Tommy Redmond today the 16th of July 2013 in Dublin. What a lovely man. Tommy was born
 in Mayo and has been living in NJ since 1957. Tommy's father was Andrew Redmond and his Mother
 was Mollie Murphy. There were 11 children in the family. Noeleen and I got a lot of new family
 information and photos which we will post shortly.

Patricia Redmond from Castlebar, Mayo is daughter of Andy & Dotie. Dotie & Andy formed the 
"Redmond Academy of Irish Dancing" in Castlebar. Tanya Redmond-Morahan danced with Michael 
"Lord of the Dance" in 1998 aged 17 years.

If anyone would like to help filling in their side of the tree, we would love you to get 
***New Info..***Yvonne & Joan Redmond met Mary Caron and her son Paul in Ventura,CA this week. 
Mary Redmond was born in Castlebar and is a sister of twins Tommy & Sheila who live in NY.

** New Info** Jane Redmond nee Rickerby died of an abdominal tumor on 26th April 1913 in Tara 
Present at her bed was her son Thomas Redmond of Ballymoney.. 

**Death occurred today 17th March 2014 of Mary Redmond living in Ventura California and who was 
born on 29th July 1927 in Castlebar, Co.Mayo. Widow of Don Caron. Mary's children are Paul , 
Teresa & Loretta. She was sister to Tom & 
Sheila.  May she rest in peace. Recently Mary & Paul met with Yvonne,Barbara & Joan Redmond. A 
lovely Lady. Tony and 
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