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About Bidgood-Watson Family - Australia
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My name is Theresa Ann Bidgood (nee Watson) and this is my family tree, with extensive twigs and branches as well as direct 
lines. I first became interested in my roots in 1991 before my father (Frederick Arthur Watson) passed away. During the last 
months of his illness we spent many hours talking about family and family events. In particular, that he and his younger 
brother Philip Henry had been "put into care" and they had been separated from each other until the end of WW2. The intrigue 
of my father's early life spurred me on to uncover facts about his parents, as dad had said to me "it is unlikely you will be able 
to trace his father as he had been told by an "old uncle" at the end of the war, that his father's name was not Watson, but Hill, 
and that he had died "falling off a train". This uncle also told him that his dad had been in Pentridge Jail in 1919 for 12 months 
for Bank Robbery. My dad had said his father lived in Toorak, Victoria and that he had come from England. Dad said his last 
contact with his father was in 1919 (when dad was 4), and his dad had said he wanted to go back to England. Dad said he 
"did not believe" this old uncle (his mother's youngest brother) as he had distinct memory of his dad taking him up in a flight 
over Sydney at the time of the Royal Easter Show in 1919. So these bits of information started me off on my journey of 
discovery surrounding the mystery of my dad's family.

Over time I have also taken up the search for my mother's Irish and German ancestors, and I have begun to trace my 
husband's roots as well, discovering much information about his English ancestors. As my children have grown, married and 
had children I have added the "in-laws' ancestors into the tree as well. So it has grown "like Topsy".

I wish to express my sincere thanks to the many family historians I have met on my journey, and have shared valuable leads 
and stories. My biggest thank you goes to my ancestors who braved very tough times both overseas and in Australia. Their 
determination and courage to seek a better life for the family is the reason the current generation can live in freedom with the 
wonderful life that we have. I hope that we make you proud of our achievements.
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