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About The Goulet and Tomaszewski Family Genealogy
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I Remember...

Bowling for dollars on channel 12 with Rosemary Ross and Howard Gurnett, Albert the alley cat on  channel 6 weather, Ponty- the singing car from Phil Tokens Pontiac commercials, Barnabys Pizza,  Ninos, Shakeys Pizza, The Green Sheet from the Milwaukee Journal, Arthur Treachers fish and chips,  shopping at Treasure Island, The Bookmobile, Kinneys shoe store, grafs 50/50, Big Boys, A&P,  Wisconsin Skate University, The 41 Drive In on south 27th street, The Milwaukee Does womens pro  basketball team, the bright orange..then later green city buses, dial telephones, black and white  tv, pong, electronic football, trick or treat candy that didnt have to be checked or x-rayed, Ben  Franklin stores, flipping baseball cards, the Kodak Photohut, full service gas stations, theaters  showing a couple of disney cartoons before the feature movie, Geisers and Mrs Howes potato chips- Be  Wiser, Buy Geiser, Ned's Pizza, Bosco chocolate syrup, when Southgate was the only mall in  Milwaukee, The waterfalls in the middle of southridge mall.

...Going to "Schmitys" bar when I was a child with my dad and Uncle Danny and always laughing at a  drawing that hung on the wall drawn by Uncle Danny, two guys that looked like Laurel and Hardy, one  guy had the butt of his pants blown out and the other guy says "Boy Ollie, now thats what I call a  fart!"- Richard Tomaszewski

...After Uncle Danny moved to South 11th street,there was a a bar called Doctors inn on South 10th  st we would drive there with my dad and play poker pool for hours. - Shane Thomas

...The family picnics every year, started about 1982 and stopped about 1995. When first getting  there we would go to the table where the guessing games for prizes were, then there was a water  balloon toss, volleyball and my favorite, the jarts tournament. Uncle Jack and I lost the  championship to Grandpa and Aunt Kathy in 1987- Richard Tomaszewski

...Ninja Turtle pudding pies and Ecto Cooler Hi-C - Brian Tomaszewski

...Going to St Martins fair with Uncle Danny he would have to stop for a beer at the first stand he  saw even if we were only there for a minute. - Shane Thomas

...Back in the 1970's at all family get togethers, all the men would gather in one room and play  Sheepshead and almost every one of them was smoking a big cigar, the room was filled with smoke, to  this day, everytime I smell cigar smoke, I'm taken back to that time. - Richard Tomaszewski

...Dad always had that light up tie at christmas and his pointy beer glass thing,jarts. - Katelyn Thomas

...Going to Great Grannys house and always playing with the marienette puppet hanging on the wall,  some kind of goofy bird and of coarse playing with Uncle Dannys bull dog, Major. - Richard  Tomaszewski

...Going to see Santa at Southridge Mall when they had Santas castle right in the middle of the mall  where the water falls and coin fountains used to be. The castle was so big that its highest point  went all the way up to the ceiling. - Richard Tomaszewski

...Going to American Soda and filling a wooden crate with glass bottles of flavored sodas such as  pina colada, chocolate, peach and strawberry. - Richard Tomaszewski

...Having my Mom take me and janene downtown on the city bus to see the christmas parade, then go  shopping at Gimbels, long before Grand Avenue was built. - Richard Tomaszewski

...Coming home from church on sundays and watching Ma and Pa Kettle, Francis the talking mule or  Harold Lloyd on the noon movie. - Richard Tomaszewski

...Going swimming at Wilson Park or Holler Park, You pinned the safety pin key from your locker to  your suit and got wet under the shower, then you went before a lifeguard for the foot check. If you  passed you could enter the pool. - Richard Tomaszewski

...Having this big white box with 3 1970's design flowers on it in the basement that all our toys  were kept in. For some reason me and Janene called it the "toydee box", we got the toy box before I  was 5, so I can only guess how I ended up adding the "dee" to it. - Richard Tomaszewski

...When there were only 3 star wars movies - Richard Tomaszewski

...When the only thing you could do with a phone was make phone calls -
Richard Tomaszewski

...When there was only four tv stations, abc, cbs, NBC and pbs - Richard Tomaszewski

...When I spent every penny I would get on packs of baseball cards and comic books- Richard Tomaszewski
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