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Welcome! This website was created on Jul 14 2007 and last updated on May 22 2024.

There are 68674 names in this family tree. The earliest recorded event is the birth of Labriola, Nicola Maria in 1564. The most recent event is the marriage of Erik Spinelli and Anna Marie Lescallett in 2023.The webmaster of this site is Anthony (Tony) Labriola. Please click here if you have any comments or feedback.
About The Families of Savignano di Puglia, Italy
This site is created with the hope of aiding those that may be searching for their ancestors  from the hill town of Savignano di Puglia, Italy, (now Savignano Irpino) Province of Avellino,  Region of Campania. Savignano lies towards the east of the province up in the Cervaro Valley,  near the border of the Foggia Province. The village is split into two areas; Scalo is the  bottom part where there is a Railway Station and a Commercial area. The upper part is mostly  residential and this is where the Piazza is located.

The main attractions are the Fontana Angelica built in 1912, the Old Church and St Anna’s  Chapel. Another important sight is the Castle of Ghenvara. Set at the highest point in the  village is a Cross overlooking the village and valley. In July the village has an annual  festival to celebrate the feast of Saint Anna, the patron saint of Savignano.

I researched all the individuals in this site that were born, married and died in Savignano. My  source is the 1809 through 1910 microfilm civil records for Savignano and surrounding villages.  The Savignano church records: Baptisms 1588-1614, 1645-1661, 1676-1715, 1716-1776, 1790-1808  and 1903-1930. Marriages records 1714-1834, 1911-1930. Death records 1664-1818, 1910-1930.   Unfortunately the church records are not consecutive years because of damaged records or people  removing them from the books.

This site includes 20,767 who were born in Savignano, 11,834 born in Greci, 9,416 born in  Monteleone di Puglia and 5,732 who were born in surrounding villages. 				 			
 The Savignano church records are on DVD’s and the civil records are stored at the Latter-Day  Saints Family History Center in North Canton, Ohio. Acknowledgments: To John Mazzarella and Nick  Norcia (from the USA) for photographing the church records. To Agostino DeLillo (who lives in  Savignano) for gaining entrance to the church and records and to my relatives for providing  their family information for those born in the USA and Canada.

This site is privatized and the birth dates of all those living will not appear.

Please contact me if you would like to add or remove family members.

Surnames in Savignano in 1753

Abbazia,Altamura, Altobello, d'Amato, Amorese, Bernardo, Bertone, Bortugno, 

Cagna, Caione, Candela, Calamita, Cappa, Carbone, Carraturo, Casale, Caserta, 

Casullo, Cavallaro, Cera, Cerignano, di Chiara, di Cicco, Colacone, Colaninno, 

Corvino, Contillo, Ciambone, Daniele, d'Errico, Falcione, Fasulo, Ferritto, 

Fesichella, di Filippo, Finamore, di Fonso, Forchione, Forlano, Gesualdo, 

Guzzella, Iannone, Izzo, Labriola, Landinolfo, Lengia, di Leone, di Lillo, 

Lombardi, Luongo, di Luca, Maglione, Magone, Manfrenia, Manzella,Manzo, 

Marino, Marinaccio, Miano, di Masi, Mauriello, del Medico, Morcone, Mottola, 

Nocella, Nigro, di Nunzio, Orlandella, Pagano, di Paola, Patierno, Pecheche, 

Pellecchia, Pellegrino, Penchia, Pessimato, Petruzzelli, di Prospo, Raffa, di 

Rienzo, Riola, Rizzo, Rosamina, Ruggiero, Russo, Saburro, Salvatore, Savignano, 

Scagliozza, Sciaraffa, Scioscia, Spinelli, di Spirito, Stabile, Staffiero, 

Subbrizio, Tammaro, Tavano, Trombacco, Valentino, della Vista, Volpe, 

Zaffarana, Zito.
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