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About Familie Rapp Lifestream
This website was created to highlight the ancestry of the Rapp family from the late 1500s
to the present day as recorded information permits. The focus is on the Rapps that lived in the 
province of Tirol (Tyrol) and even earlier in the "Vinschgau" region of Suedtirol (South Tyrol) 
which became Italy's Alto Adige in 1918 (formerly Austria).  The Rapps lived there as early as the 
15th century in villages and farms of the Vinschgau (Val Venosta, Italy) with names like 
Latsch (Laces), Laas (Lasa), and Tschars (Ciardes). Some Rapps were "Kupferschmiede" or
coppersmiths, a tradition that continued into the early 1930s in Innsbruck. Other Rapps
were farmers, bakers, innkeepers, homemakers, lawyers, judges, government and military officials, 
teachers, priests and coopers. Many served in wars, some were wounded in battle. Most soldiers
returned home but a few seem to have vanished without a trace.
 The family has had a strong presence in the Matrei am Brenner region and 
surrounding villages since around 1700 and possibly earlier. One Rapp family moved to Innsbruck 
in 1790 after its Matrei bakery business was destroyed by a disastrous fire.
Joseph Rapp was ten years old and was destined to be a baker. He managed to go to
school and attain a doctorate and became the most famous and beloved Rapp in Tirol. His son Franz 
also became famous as Mayor of Innsbruck and then the only Landeshauptmann (Governor) of 
Tirol to serve two terms. He died in office in 1889.
 Our grandfather Franz Rapp was born in Matrei and started a family in Innsbruck. 
There were five boys and one girl. The last survivor was my father Dr Fritz Rapp who 
passed away in 2001 in Vienna. Grandmother Anna Hechenleitner was born in the province 
Kaernten (Carinthia) as were my great-grandmother's parents. Presently the Rapps have 
known "branches" in Tirol and the USA (California, Florida, Pennsylvania and Texas). Many Rapps 
emigrated to the United States from Austria (and other countries) in the past 250 years as 
documented by the US Census and other records. Some connections to the Tirol Rapps are certain.
There are many Rapps living in Italy, Switzerland, France, Germany and other parts of Europe. The 
oldest records of Rapps are from Switzerland where a Hans Rapp was born about 1531. A few 
Rapps (unrelated to the "Tirol Rapps") are included here due to their historical 
 On my mother's side of the family are names like Krbetz and Tumfart. The Tumfarts 
originate from the province Oberoesterreich (Upper Austria). They lived
in small villages in and around Veitsdorf (near Gallneukirchen) and also around the 
provincial capital Linz (now Austria's second largest city). Alois Tumfart was the 
one that ventured out to live in the "Kaiserstadt" Wien (Vienna) where he met my 
grandmother Barbara Krbetz and Anna Reicher (mother of "Hans" and Anna/"Annely" 
Tumfart). The Krbetz family probably came from Boehmen / Bohemia (then Austria-
Hungary, now Czech Republic) and the Reichers stem from present-day Slovenia near 
Maribor (Marburg).
Note : Family members and invitees can add descriptions and photos (no limit at 
present) directly without my mediation. In fact this is very much encouraged. I added 
some descriptions from my recollections but feel free to write / rewrite the "About" 
section by clicking "Edit" and entering your password (maximum of 5000 words per 
person). Do correct errors that may have crept in for various reasons or let me know 
what you want changed. I intend to have this site up-to-date at all times and it 
hence will remain a "living document" as well as a tribute and memorial of past 
generations. If you have family stories you want to pass on, you can click on "People" 
and then "Stories". Also under People there is an "Events" tab that list all birthdays 
and anniversaries for each calender month.
 The site's e-mail address for photos is (contact me for details).
This is an alternate method to uploading photos yourself (as a member). If you 
choose to e-mail photos be sure to identify the event, people shown, location and date 
(year is OK) so everyone can enjoy your pictures. I can attach the photos to the person
(s)' albums as needed. A major goal for 2017 will still be to post photos of important events 
(like marriages, anniversaries and family reunions) and long-departed ancestors If 
you have such photos or slides you can scan them into your computer with an  
inexpensive photo/slide scanner. Once the pictures are in your computer you can easily 
upload them to the site as follows : Press "Edit" and sign in with your password; 
then "List of Names": find the name you want: click on the "Add Photos" icon on the 
left of the name and then upload the pictures with captions etc. You can also 
write "About" the person(s) giving facts and impressions you have about them. Click on 
the checkmark to the right of the name and then "Edit".
 You can print "Reports" in a variety of formats/presentations directly from the site 
(some reports include pictures). Click on "Reports" in the "Getting Around" section or 
after clicking the "Site Map". You could start with your name (or any ancestor's name) 
and view/print a selected presentation giving you an accurate ancestry record!
Happy Thanksgiving to all! Schoenes Erntedankfest!
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