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About “WE FAMILY”-Burks & Lester Trees
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51 WE Family Veterans Identified
as of 2/19/2019

Arleta Burks Brown Reagan Family

Fannie and Howard Lester Family
   Howard Lester

Eliza and Wash Lester Family
   Wash Lester
   Charlie Lester Sr.
   Charlie Lester Jr.
   Sammie Lester Sr.
   George H. Lester
   Cervera Washington Jr.
   James Washington
   Frank Peoples
   George Kirkwood Sr.
   Theresa Lester
   James Parnell Lester Sr.
   Roy Lester Sr.
   Calvin Lester Sr.
   Wavey T Lester 
   Wavey Troy Lester 
   Benjamin Taylor Sr.
   Travis Curry Sr.
   Lee Smith
   William Davis Sr.
   Timothy Lester Jr.
   Thomas Lester
   Michael Kirkwood Sr.
  James Hawkins Jr. (future veteran)

Sallie and Albert Burks Family
   Phillmore Burks
   Phillip Burks
   Jerome Travis Burks
   Jerome Nolan Burks
   Darren B. Godfrey
   Bruce Williams
   Ronald Williams
   Richard Williams
   Frank Williams
   Theodore R. Daviss Sr.

Jessie and Bennie Burks Family
   John Burks

Houston Burks Family

Cammie and Jesse Spears Family   

Annie Burks Family

Milton Burks Family

John Burks Family

George Burks Family

Seaborn Burks Family
   Seaborn Burks

Margaret Salina Boston Mosley and Robert Mosley Sr. Family

Mollie and John Lester Sr. Family
   John Lester Sr.
   James Edward Lester
   Wendell Lester
   Brandon Cooper
   Jabriel Lester (future veteran)

Sally and John Kahn Family

Pearl and Randall Lester Family
   Randall Lester

Luvenia and John Griffin Family

Bertha and Edward Lester Family
   Edward Lester

Josephine and Henry Lester Family
   Henry Lester
   Henry Conley Lester Sr.
   Arties Rice
   LaKelvin Lester
   Ellerick Lester
   Patrick Traylor
   Dr. Mark A. Hinton
   Aldolphus Hinton

WE want to IDENTIFY all WE Veterans !
Sam Lester Jr.
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