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About The Webster's
The name WEBSTER is of anglo-Saxon origin and is a variant of the occupational name Webb, which 
was originally given to a weaver.The derivation is from the Olde English pre 7th Century " 
wevva" , devolped into the Middle English"Webbe", a derivative of " wefan", to weave. Job 
descriptive surnames originally denoted the actual occupation of the namebearer, and later 
became hereditary. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of John 
Le Webestere, which was dated 1275, in the "Hundred Rolls of Norfolk",during the reign of King 
Edward 1, known as "The hammer of the Scots",1272 - 1307. 
 The Webster family of to day all come from Northern Ireland however the Scottish 1881 census 
shows my Great Grandfather Joseph Webster was born in Monaghan Ireland in 1855.      
At the time of the census he was working in Scotland as an officer of the NSPCA. He married 
Annie Moor McCormick also from Ireland in 1877 they where married in St Judes Church Knockbreda 
Belfast and they had 6 children.

Lillian Josephine Webster, born Scotland 1878 died Belfast 1901.
Maria Margaret McCauley Webster, born Scotland 1881 died 1913 New York
Annie Isabella Jane Webster, born Scotland 1883 died 1981 New York
Joseph Webster, (Grandfather) born Scotland 1885 died 1960 Glasgow
John Edward Webster, born Belfast  1879 died Belfast 1935
William Henry Webster, born Belfast 1891. Believed to have went to Canada and then New York ??
There was a seventh child born after Great Grandfather died, her name was Winifred Webster born 
1898 in Belfast, left for New York with sister Annie 1915 she died in 1965 in New York.

Great Grandmother Annie Moor McCormick Webster, was the daughter of Edward McCormick
and Anne Cochrane, they where married in St Johns Church Laganbank Knockbreda Belfast 1856, and 
thus began the first connection between the Cochrane's and the Webster's, as later William J 
Cochrane married his cousins daughter Maria McCauley Webster , who was the Daughter of Joseph
Webster and Annie Moor McCormick.

Full details on all of the Children of Joseph and Annie are recorded on the website.

From Army records Grandfather enlisted in 1905 into the 4th Btn Royal Irish Rifles
by 1914 he was a sergeant and was posted to France. After the war he went back to France for 
Grave Exhumation but was discharged on medical grounds in 1919.

He married Grandmother Emmeline Fryer on the 4th of October 1903 in St Anns Belfast.My 
Grandmother was the only daughter of William Fryer and Mary Jane Mitchell, she had two brothers 
,  William and Thomas Mitchell Fryer.My Grandfather and Grandmother had 6 children

Maria born 1905 
Joseph Webster (my father)born 1908 Died 1984.
Emmeline Webster( born 1912 died 1913
William Fryer Webster born 1914 Died 2013 
Annie Mary Webster born 1915. Died 1996
John Edward Webster (Jackie) born 1918. Died 1955

Full details of all the children of Joseph and Emmeline are recorded on the website.

My Mother's maiden name was Shields,born in Belfast in 1909. My maternal grandfather was Hugh 
Shields Born Belfast on the 9th June 1877 died 28th January 1968 aged 91.  He also served 
during the 1914 1918 war with the Royal Irish Rifles sadly none of his records survive as they 
where destroyed by fire during the  second world war. He had four sisters, Mary Ann,
(married Robert McKee)Martha, Married McCelland, Elizabeth born 1880 and Agnes.

My maternal Grandmother was Mary Ellen Pollock born Belfast on the 18th January 1876 died on 
the 2nd February 1952 aged 76,she had one sister Mary born 1869 and three brothers, John born 
1866 William James born 1871 and Thomas born 1874. Grandfather and Grandmother married in 
Belfast on the 5th June 1897 and had nine children
Their Children,

Margaret McKendry born February 1898 died 25 July 1898 aged 6 months of Pneumonia.
Elizabeth Ellen (Nellie) born 21 September 1899 died 18July 1997 aged 98.
Susan born 28th February 1901 died 6th March 1974 aged 73
Agnes Lavender born 28th September 1903 died 4th March 1979 aged 76 .
Margaret McKendry born 1907 died 25th December 1994 aged 87.
Mary Ann Pollock ( Mother )born 11th May 1909 died 4th February 1962 aged 53.
Hugh born 15th February 1912 died 17th December 1975 aged 63.
John born 2nd September 1914 died 15th September 1990 aged 76.
Whilhemina Pollock born 24February 1918 died 26 April 1918 aged 2 months of Whooping cough.

Full details of all the children of Hugh and Mary are recorded on the website.

My Mother and Father where married in Belfast in 1932 and had 9 children Twins Mary and Joseph 
where born in 1933 but only survived for three days.Stanley was born in 1934 and died in 1938.
William was born in 1939 sadly died just six weeks old.
My sister Emmeline (Emma)was born in 1935 and married Clements Macdonald in 1956, they had 5 
children,Roy Ethel John Diane and Ruth.
My brother John was born in 1937 and married Gladys Taggart in 1962 they had one child 
Heather.Sadly Gladys passed away on the 28 Feb 2008.

My Sister Marie was born in 1940 and married James Kingsberry in 1959 they had four children 
James.David. Ann Margaret and Mary Ellen jnr.
Marie and James wher divorced in 1970
Marie married John P McCabe in 1972 they had 5 children Michael, Karen, Emma Louise, John
and Joseph.

My brother Joe married Majella Veronica McShane, in Belfast on the 30 September 1972, they 
to Melbourne Australia during 1974 where they still live to day. They adopted two children Mary 
and David.

I was married on the 4 July 1964 to Mary Patricia McConnell in Belfast. Patsy and i have two 
children Darren Patrick and Patricia, Darren is married to Helen and has one child a boy named 
James Joseph born 2005.


The following family members are buried in the graves listed.

CITY GRAVEYARD Belfast Grave number o77.
Lillian Josephine Chaplin nee Webster 30 June 1901
Maggie Webster 1937.
Annie Moor Webster 1913.
John Edward Webster 16 November 1935.
City Graveyard Belfast Grave number  W238.
Mary Webster ( Mother ) 6 Feb 1962.
Joseph Webster ( Father ) 7 Feb 1984.
Thomas Fryer ( Great Uncle ) 18 Oct 1962.
William Fryer ( Great Uncle ) 6 Feb 1971.

City Graveyard Belfast Grave number V1275.
John Edward Webster died 21 July 1955  25 July 1955.

City Graveyard Belfast Grave Number U78
Billy Webster ( Cousin ) 22 Nov 1958 aged 15.

Annie Mary Webster 15 May 1996.
Florence Webster (McDonald) 20 April 2005
William Fryer Webster aged 99 DIED 12 august 2013
CITY GRAVEYARD BELFAST grave number b3 742.
John Pollock died 18 11 1895 aged 58 2 Inverness Place.Great Grandfather.
Margaret McKendry Shields died 25 07 1898 aged 6 months 128 Boundary Street.Aunt.
Thomas Pollock died 27 December 1904 aged 2 years 4 months 39 Boundary Street.Second Cousin.
Ellen (Gilliland) Pollock died 27 08 1918 aged 72 128 Boundary Street.Great Grandmother.
William James Pollock died 09 05 1945 110 Boundary Street.( William was Gran's brother).Great 

Susan Shields nee Donnelly, died 14 06 1905 aged 51 110 Boundary Street.
Wilhelmina Pollock Shields died 24 04 1918 aged 2 months 126 Boundary Street.
David Shields died 19 05 1920 aged 73 121 Boundary Street.
James Hall (first born of James and Agnes Hall)died 28 04 1930 aged 11 months 26 Moscow Street.
Robert Thompson (first born of Robert and Ellen (Nellie) Thompson died 23 12 1930 aged 1 year 8 
months 32 Greenland Street.
Stanley Webster(my brother) died 12 02 1938 aged 3 years 9 months 106 Silvio Street.

City Graveyard Belfast grave number N1 371.
Mary Ellen Shields (Grandmother)died 02 02 1952 aged 76 110 Boundary Street.
Hugh Shields (Grandfather) died 28 01 1968 aged 91 110 Boundary Street.
Hugh Shields (Uncle) died 13 12 1975 aged 63 110 Boundary Street.

Milltown Cemetery Belfast Grave Number XF-46-A.
Edward McConnell, Patsy's grandfather died about 18 04 1942 aged 71  57 Joy Street.
Hugh Patrick McConnell,? Died 7 12 1943 aged 11 weeks Belfast City Hospital.
Patrick McConnell, ( Patsy's Father.)Died 8 8 1950 aged 40  88 Glenmachen Street Belfast.
Sara McConnell ( Patsy's Grandmother ) died 9 3 1955 aged 74  57 Joy Street Belfast
Grave Number F 3144.
William Fryer age 68 29 10 1912. ( Great Grandfather )
Mary Jane Fryer age 76 died 3 june 1921 08 june 1921. ( Great Grandmother )
Emmeline Webster age 1 year 7 months died 25August 1913  27 August 1913.
Emmeline Webster age 62 died 8 nov 1944. ( Grandmother )
William Webster age 6 weeks died 21 January 1939  23January 1939. (Brother ).

Plot Number T O 6862. March 1965.
Winifred Fausel nee Webster.

17 Feb 1981
Annie Isabella Jane Cochrane nee Webster.

Grave Number A2 339
Hugh McGrath age 55 died 1898 ( Patsys Great Grandfather.
Hugh McGrath age 34 died 27 Sep 1909.
Mary Ann McGrath age 62 died 23 Aug 1908 ( Patsys Great Grandmother.
Francis McGrath age 45 died 16 May 1913.
Mary Ann McGrath age 74 died 15 Jan 1951.

Mary McGrath (Patsys Mother) Jan 2003
Maurice White Oct 2009
Jean Elizabeth White nee McConnell Apr 2017
Megan White 2009

Grave Number 15 Compt Y Section J.
Gerard McShane aged 92 died 28 April 2014
Elizabeth Ann McShane nee McCrisken aged 99 died 28 April 2017

John Neeson Died 7 July 1997
Doreen Neeson nee McConnell Died 25 May 2017

Grave Number T753
Robert Thompson 1 April 1971
Betty Thompson (Gurley) 17 October 1989.
Eileen(Nellie) Thompson (Shields) 22 July 1997.
Hugh Thompson 14 February 2000.

Grave Number  HH44
Jane McGrath 7november 1950
John McGrath 30 May 1966
Jean McGrath 2 August 2000.
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