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About Wileman/Wildman/Whileman family
The Wildman/Wileman/Whileman family of Measham started with John Wildman born on the 
21st August 1664 in the City of London, England.
He married Elanor Barton who was born in 1642 also in the City of London.
They were married in the Temple Church Of England, London.

The family moved in the 1680's to live in Measham where their first child was 
born and so the story continues.............


The surname Wileman / Wildman has resounded through the small village of 
Measham, Leicestershire since records began in the village in the middle of 
the 1600's.

However even though there were Wildmans in Measham the village population was 
about to get a little larger with the arrival of two Londoner's by the name of 
John Wildman and Eleanor Wildman nee Barton.

It is highly possible that the couple were already related to the growing 
population of Wildman's already living in the village as there would be no 
logical reason for them to move to Measham otherwise.

John and Eleanor married in the city of London in the Holy Temple Church of 
England on Tuesday the 16th day of August 1681 in front of family.

However after that we do not hear of John and Eleanor's life in London again 
all we do know is that 3 years later John and Eleanor take the journey to the 
village of Measham to set up a new life and as far as we know never return to 
London again.
On the date 4th April 1685 John and Eleanor gave birth to they're first child 
John Wildman Jr named after his father John.

When John Wildman was young he would have seen the complete rebuild of London 
City after the great fire, which wiped out hundreds of homes.

This is the first page from a book, which is currently been written on the 
Wildman / Wileman family of Measham, Derbyshire. We will keep you updated with new 
information as it is received from other connections.

The China Connection

Here are some key dates to bear in mind when searching:

2nd April 1911 - Census Day
1st July 1911 - from this date the mother's maiden name was included in the birth indexes

1st January 1912 - the surname of the spouse was included in the marriage indexes

1st January 1966 - from this date the first two forenames are shown in full in the birth indexes

1st April 1969 - the precise date of birth was included in the death indexes and the first two 
forenames were shown in full


So far we have had quite a bit of additional information added by our family members 
and would like to thank them for their help. It makes our job much easier and makes 
it that bit more interesting.  

PLEASE NOTE:- that errors sometimes crop up even by our own web masters. The famliy of George 
Wileman born 1841 and 1843 were wrongly attached to John Wileman b 1814 and Thomas Wileman b 1808. 
A marriage certificate will be posted to support this error.
Appologies to our members. Also please check Derek Wilemans comments in our guest book for the 
error in his famly line.

I thank you for your patience.

New York Tribune Saturday January 20th 1894 Vol LIII   No. 17,233.

London. Jan. 19 1894 - Thousands of persons gathered
in the cemetery, at Burton-on-Trent to-day to at-
tend the funeral of Town Councillor Charles Wileman.
When members of the family were called to
take a last look at Wileman's face before the coffin
lid should be screwed down two persons said they
saw signs of life. Physicians who we're summoned
pronounced Wileman alive. The funeral services
were suspended and the crowd was dismissed.
Wileman was taken from the Coffin and he is now under treatment.
Courtesy of :- London Times Archives 20Jan%20-%20Feb%20Grayscale/New%20York%20NY%20Tribune%201894%20Jan%20-%20Feb%20Grayscale%20-% 200255.pdf Post Office Derbyshire Derbyshire Maps c1938 Swadlincote
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