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Welcome! This website was created on 30 Mar 2017 and last updated on 25 Oct 2020. The family trees on this site contain 836 relatives and 55 photos. If you have any questions or comments you may send a message to the Administrator of this site.
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About Neelin-Staford
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After my father(Donald Harold NEELIN) passed away I came into possession of some very interesting papers.  From those I  discovered  that he was, in fact, not a NEELIN but had been given up for adoption by the Neelin family at the age of two.  His birth  name was  Ernest Jones ANDERSON.  In fact he also had a twin brother, Roy Kitchener ANDERSON.  It appears as if even my dad did  not know of  either of these facts until 1999 when he received letters from the Children's Aid Society and Ministry of Community and  Social  Services.  My dad was never legally adopted but taken in by the Neelin family and raised as a Neelin.  His brother (Roy  Kitchener ANDERSON) was adopted by the STAFORD family as Jack Jones STAFORD.

I started this family tree with the discovery of the connection to Winifred ANDERSON (Nee JONES: the biological mother of the twin  boys) and Frederick NEWLOVE (the biological father of the twins).  Winifred (nee JONES) originally she wanted the boys to have the  surname JONES but because she was married to Charles ANDERSON at the time of the twins birth they had to have her husband's  surname - ANDERSON.

At times the mystery only deepened and still leaves many unanswered questions.  Through my research I have discovered new family  members and I am most thankful for that.


Almost all of the SEYMOUR information was provided by NORMAN (NORM) SEYMOUR for which I am most grateful, especially for the information  about Fredrick Newlove.  The Newloves have been a collaboration between myself and Norman Seymour and his contacts.

I am still searching for information about the ANDERSON and JONES families.  In particular further information about Winifred.

From the information that Norm has provided about my biological grandfather Frederick (Fred) George NEWLOVE he was a very fine gentleman.  Fred was Norm's dad's uncle and they were in contact - often for Sunday dinners and of course holiday dinners.  Fred seems to have become a little bit of a recluse in the 1920's and lived alone in a cabin in the woods.  Norm said that whenever they visited Fred at his cottage he always had a pan of cookies under his kitchen table.  Reading the poem that Fred wrote we wonder if his reclusiveness was from 'unrequited love'?  We will never know. Winifred departed Canada, as a 'widow', in 1921 and remarried in 1923. 

I have recently been in contact with one of the daughters of Jack Jones Staford.  She knew that her father had been adopted but had no other information about his actual birth parents.  She was thrilled to receive the information that I passed along to her as well as the  information from Norm Seymour.

In November of 2018 my wife and I met up with the children of Jack Jones STAFORD (Ann, Leslie and John) as well as Norm Seymour and his wife Donna, in Syracuse New York.  It was a great get-together to share stories of our fathers and of course Norm had so  much information about our grandfather Frederick.  The date of the meet up would have been on our fathers' 100th birthday.

In March of 2019 my wife and I had the opportunity to meet up, and spend an overnight, with Leslie and her family.  During the day John and Leslie showed us around Statesville.  It was, once again, a pleasant meeting with new relatives.

I have also discovered a DNA match with Tedd P. HEGLUND in Norway thorough our grandparents James Calvan PIGGOTT and  Lavinia GARBUTT.  Consequently I have also added information from Tedd.

There are also several other DNA matches that I must follow-up on.

I have also been adding photos that I have received from both Norm and Ann.  Thank you so much for sharing, your knowledge,  photos and most importantly friendship.

Also see my other Family Tree at www.neelin.tribalpages.com about the NEELIN family tree and the maternal side of my family.
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