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About Stover Haddad Family Tree;
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The STOVER Family of Markham Twsp, York Co., Ontario. Actually immigrated to Canada from  County Twsp, Chester Co., Pennsylvania, USA., about 1800. Before that, the family planted roots  in Dirmstein, Bayern, Germany about 1700, and Eggiwil, Bern, Switzerland about 1600. The  earliest recorded event is the birth of Stauffer 2 Ulrich in 1415,Switzerland..(more to  come)........Christian Stauffer born 1615 Eggiwil,Bern,Switzerland,died 1719 Dirmstein Bayern  Germany. Married Margaret Anthoni born in 1622, Switzerland. Ulrich Stauffer born 14, Mar,  1652, Eggiwil, Bern,Switzerland died in 1719,Dirmstein, Bayern, Germany. Married (identitfy of  wife unknown). He was the second of two sons with the same name. He was the second of seven  children of Christian Stauffer. Peter Stauffer born in 1685, Germany and died in 1725,  Kirscheusserhof, Germany. Married Barbara Risser on 23, July, 1713, Pfalz, Palatine, Germany.He  was the third of four children of Ulrich Stauffer. The identity of his mother is unknown. Hans  Jacob Stauffer born 06, Aug, 1717,Bucks Co., Pennsylvania. Married Elizabeth Longnecker who  died in 1875. He was the third of five children of Peter Stauffer and Barbara Risser. He was  born "Hans Jacob Stauffer" but at some point he changed his name to "Jacob Stover" before  hemarried. Peter Stover born 1752, County Twsp,Chester Co., Pennsylvania died in 1813, Markham  Twsp, York Co., Ontario. Married Margaret(no lastname and dates unknown). He is the Stover who  brought our Family name to Canada. He was the fourth of five children of Jacob Stover born in  1779, Tincum Twsp., Bucks Co., Pennsylvania. He died 29 June, 1869,  Markham Twsp., York Co.,Ontario. Married Elizabeth Lichty 24, Oct, 1804. born 24,Oct, 1783,  Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania and died 29, July, 1870. Markham Twsp., York Co.,Ontario.He was the  eldest of seven children of Peter Stover and Margaret. Jacob and Elizabeth immigrated to  Markhan Twsp York Co., Ontario Canada in 1800. Buying land in 1801.Jacob is buried in HiseyHill  Cemetery near Stouffville,Ontario.Tombstone (Grave 163)text reads: Jacob Stover died 29, June,  1869 age 90 years. Our lifeline decscends from Peter Stover born 1783. The only evidence  showing that Peter Stover born 1752 bought land in Markham Twsp, Ontario was the finding of a  recorded document  found by Richard Davis of Mennosearch.com. The document was the "Will"  of  Peter Stover dating back to the year 1813.Christopher Stover born 15,June, 1815, Markham Twsp.,  York Co., Ontario and died in Pickering Twsp, Ontario. Married Mary P. Shank on 25, Mar, 1843  and died 23, Sept, 1903.He was the fifth of the eight children of Jacob Stover born in 1779.  The couple had twelve children. Their sixth child Elias Stover born 03, June,1856,Cherrywood,  Pickering Twsp., Ontario died 07, Dec,1933, Richmond Hill, Ontario. Married Sarah Wideman who  died 04, Jan, 1944. Archibald Alexander Stover born 09, Dec, 1899, Cherrywood,Markham, Ontario  died 22, Feb, 1964, Milverton, Ontario.Married Ida Mowder on 12, Apr, 1924 who died 12, Sept,  1929. They had two children. Roy Stover born 1927 and Ruth Stover born 1927 died 2007. Second  wife to Archibald A. Stover was Blanche V.Hoover born 23, Jan,1914, Markham, Ontario.Married  02, June, 1934 and died 23, July, 1990. He was the sixth child of Elias Stover and Sarah  Wideman. Barry H. Stover born 18, Nov, 1940 , Milverton,Ontario and died 09, May, 2009. Married  Marilyn E. Haddad on 30. June, 1962. Born 27, Mar, 1943 and died 31, May,2007. He was the  second child of Archibald A. Stover and Blanche V. Hoover. Marilyn(Haddad)Stover was the  daughter of Peter,Elice,[Smith]Haddad. 
 Haddad ]                                                                                                                     The HADDAD family  descendents; of SLAMAIN  George Haddad born in Syrian Arab Republic,Lebanon.He died in Syrian Arab Republic Lebanon.At  some point in time he married Saleman Jacob in Lebanon. Salemah(Jacob)Haddad was born in Syrian  Arab Republic in 1858. After the death of Slamain George Haddad,Salema(Jacob)Haddad up rooted  her family,Son's Joseph Simon Haddad b.1888,George Haddad b.1883,and wife   RUFKA (Rose) (Haddad) Haddad,[no dates]……..       (according to the Canadian Archvies,1911 Census  Report).[you can see this document in the family tree]. It shows they immigrated from Syrian Arab  Repulic to Cape Breton South Halifax,NS.Canada.In 1906.Taking residency in Cape Breton  South,District 296 Townsend Street.George and Brother Joseph built their home at 296 Townsend  Street in 1907.(according to George Haddad's daughter Anne(Haddad)Hollohan who still lives in the  house to this day).           Salema(Jacob)Haddad died from illness in Cape Breton South in 1913.  The youngest brother Joseph Simon Haddad born 1888 in Syrian Arab Republic,Lebanon.He died in sydney,Cape sydney,Cape Breton,NS.Canada.(According to Anne(Haddad)Hollohan Joseph ocupation was a Businessman.  He met and married RUFKA(Rose)Libbus(RIFAH)in 1911 at Sacred Heart Church in Cape Breton  South,NS.Can.Rose(Libbus)Haddad was b.1888 in Belt Lahia Palestine.She immigrated with her family  to Cape Breton South in 1900 and took residency in District 427 Riener Street. She died in  Sydeny,Cape Breton NS.Can.They had the following children all born in Sydney,Cape Breton NS; Martha  b.1916 ,Mary Martha b.1916),Seline b.1920),Margaret b.1922,and Simon(AZAR)Joseph Haddad  b.1924....Our descendants begin here with the eldest son George Haddad b.1883 in Syrian Arab  Republic Lebanon He died 1956 in Sydney,Cape Breton NS.Can.His Ocupation was a Businessman. He  married Rose(Haddad)Haddad in 1899 in Syrian Arab Republic Lebanon. She was Born in 1887 in Syrian  Arab Republic,Lebanon she died in Sydney,Cape Breton NS.Can. They had one Son Michael (He died  enroot to Canada in 1906, burial in France).They had the following children all born in Sydney,NS.  Essau b.1908 - 1987 Sydney,NS.), Mary (b.1908 - 1981 Halifax,NS.),Julie (b.1910 - 1977 Sydney,NS.),  Johnie b.1912 - 1929 Sydney,NS),Anne [b,1931, 2012 APR,01,Sydney,NS. Helena Mamie (b.1917 - 2003 Halifax,NS Halifax,NS.), and  Peter J.Haddad b.1914 - 1987 Halifax,NS.  Peter J. Haddad married Elsie Smith in  1934 ,she was born 1924 died 1958,Halifax,NS..She was the (daughter of Clayton Harry Smith born  1883 died 1958,Halifax,NS. & Nellie E.(Fredrickson) born 1891 died 1981Sackvill,NS. They had the  following children: Rosemary (b.1941 - 2008,Thunder Bay,Ontario. Veronica,(living), Marilyn (b.1943 -  - 2007)BeverBank,NS. ,Leona,(living),Helena,(living), Johnie(living) and Joseps(b.1950 - 2009 Jun.Halifax,NS Jun.Halifax,NS.).   Peter's daughter Marilyn(Haddad)Married Barry H.Stover in Halifax,NS. Son of  Arichie Blanche(Hoover)Stover from Milverton,Ont.They had the following  children,Harman,Joseph,Angela and Tammy Stover,(Tammy died in   infancy).                                  Rose(Haddad)Haddad had two brother who immigrated from Syrian Syrian Arab Republic to Cape Breton South in 1907. Saliam Haddad b.1889 and Sallines Haddad 1892. (According to the 1911 Census or Canada Report they took residency as(Borders)in district 296 Townsend Townsend Street......more to come,
  ................The Lindsay  Family:Descendants of William Leo Lindsay b.19,July,1895 d. 20  Feb,1968..more to co
 come...                                                                                          .................The Smith Family:Descendants of Clayton Harry Smith b.28 May 1883 d.06 Mar  1958 and Nellie E.(Fredrickson)Smith b.1891-1981.....more to come......

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