Surname: Whisman

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  • Whisman, Albion, Born 1814 in Wythe Co. VA., Died 1885 in Wolf, KY.

    Whisman, David Crockett, Born 1819 in Wythe Co. VA., Died 1892 in Elliott, KY.

    Whisman, George, Born 1783 in Montgomery, VA., Died Jul 25 1863 in Monroe Co. Elletsville, IN.

    Whisman, Henry, Born 1796 in Wythe Co. VA., Died Dec 10 1861 in Wythe Co. VA.

    Whisman, John Washington, Born 1806 in Lee Co. VA., Died Sep 29 1871 in Kern, CAL.

    Whisman, Lavina, b.1823, Born Dec 27 1823 in Germany, Died Feb 21 1900 in Rockcastle Co. KY.

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