Family Tree: Balding Family

Home to 963 Balding family members, 164 Baldwin descendants, 47 members of the Rodgers family and family histories of 87 other surnames; this website was created on Oct 27 2007 and last updated on Jun 26 2017. The Family Trees on this website contain 3549 relatives and 549 photos. If you have any questions or comments you may send a Message to the Administrator of this site.

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  • Balding
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  • Rodgers
  • Smith
  • Ahlfield
  • Miller
  • Crum
  • Williams
  • Scarlett
  • Phillips
  • Also, for those people out there who like to copy information from others and not give credit, this is a practice that I do not appreciate, nor do the other contributors to this database. This information was put together by the hard work of others who were willing to share. So if you have been granted access to this compilation of work, please ask for permission before sharing the password with others. Also, please ask for permission before copying any information here. We appreciate that citing of information is an important tool, and gladly grant permission when it has been asked for in advance. Also, do not ask for information/access unless you are willing to share. If you see errors, please let me know I will be happy to correct them. I let the data sit for awhile and then try to review it for mistakes as I am human and sometimes hit the wrong keys... If you have some photos or documents you would like to contribute, please send them to me via email address. or either address is a valid address. I would also like to say Welcome to my new family members who I have discovered the past couple of years!!!! Enjoy and I look forward to emailing with you.... I was given a great Newspaper website by another genealogy friend yest which has alot of Balding obits, if anybody wants to take a look the website address is: Click on the Top Right Side of the Website on the word Archives Search, then use the search window. You can retrieve all sorts of information from around the Decatur area and its free if you use the Archives Search feature. Thanks Donna for sharing that webstie...!!!! One last note before you explore, please be aware that some information on my site should be considered speculation unless I have provided citations or PROOF of what I have listed, so you should use it as a starting point in your own investigations.... Happy Hunting! Thanks

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