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Home to 275 Bowman family members, 200 Crandall descendants, 170 members of the Simpson family and family histories of 87 other surnames; this website was created on Sep 09 2003 and last updated on Feb 27 2007. The Family Trees on this website contain 3083 relatives and 38 photos. If you have any questions or comments you may send a Message to the Administrator of this site.

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  • Welcome to the Simpson, Marnoch, Hopper, and Battist site!! I have been researching our family history for over 2 years now. Between phone conversations, emails, message boards and numerous searches - I`d like to share with you what I have found... Following are the relatives farthest back in each line: - William Simpson, born abt 1730 in Scotland - married Janet Robertson abt 1752. William was my 7th Great Grandfather. - John Marnoch, born btn 1738-1746 in Scotland - married Barbara Forbes abt 1765. John was my 7th Great Grandfather. - John Hopper, born abt 1751 in Hambleton, East Yorkshire, England - married Margaret abt 1776. John was my 4th Great Grandfather. - John Battist, born abt 1828 married Mary Elizabeth Turner 24 May 1848 in Lower Quoddy, Nova Scotia. John was my 4th Great Grandfather. - Frederick Langille, born 1 May 1832 - married Peggy abt 1844 in Nova Scotia. Frederick was my 4th Great Grandfather. - John Bain, born abt 1760 - married Katharine Terras 3 December 1784 in Ceres, Fife, Scotland. John was my 6th Great Grandfather. - David Tarras, born abt 1687 - married Margaret Russell 27 November 1702 in Ceres, Fifeshire, Scotland. David was my 9th Great Grandfather. - John Bowman, born abt 1640 in Wemyss, Fife, Scotland. John was my 10th Great Grandfather. I must also mention the 5 Peter Marnoch Simpson`s in the family: - Peter Marnoch Simpson #1 - 8 June 1881 - 30 July 1969 - married Elizabeth Brannen. - Peter Marnoch Simpson #2 - 9 July 1905 - 12 June 1974 - married Ella Rutherford. - Peter Marnoch Simpson #3 - 24 May 1924 - 22 April 1990 - married Audrey Hopper. - Peter Marnoch Simpson #4 - 27 February 1957 - married Naomi Sangster. - Peter Marnoch Simpson #5 - 22 May, 1991. A Genealogist`s Life... You don`t understand why I jump out of bed And don`t go to sleep until 3am instead. Why should I waste my time in bed fast asleep? When I can search for old ancestors who sailed the ocean deep. Need to go to the old cemetery up on the hill To record names and dates of family there still. Found various sources, all over this land People from Nova Scotia to St. Andrews - lending a hand. Got an email from Scotland `come search the records here` Can`t get there yet, maybe some year... Do you have this census? This record? This name? Not another brick wall ? I`m about to go insane. Mothers of sixteen children? Are you whacked? They didn`t have cable back then - that`s a fact! I don`t see how anyone could find genealogy a bore To study the life of those who have gone on before. A thousand years from now, who will ever know? If I washed or ironed - or made the bathroom glow? Because their dear old ancestor left for them to see, Not clean clothes and dishes, but a detailed family tree. - Kelly Hughes, 2003 `Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. And today? Today is a gift. That`s why we call it the present` - Babatunde Olatunji

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