Surname: Gurdon

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  • Purvis
  • Hughes-Hallett
  • Streatfeild
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  • Cooke-Yarborough
  • Gurdon
  • Parker
  • Gurdon, Amelia Caroline, Born 1821 in Woodbridge, Suffolk, Died May 1822 in Woodbridge, Suffolk

    Gurdon, Amy Harriott, Born Mar 23 1864 in 22 Chesham Place, Belgravia, Died May 13 1944 in Ropers Hall, Bures, Suffolk

    Gurdon, Amy Louisa, Born Mar 14 1833 in Westminster, Died Feb 06 1864 in St George, Hanover Square

    Gurdon, Anne, Born CAL 1802, Died Jan 14 1880 in Upper Brook St, London

    Gurdon, Anne, Born 1839 in Cranworth, Norfolk, Died 1850 in Cranworth, Norfolk

    Gurdon, Anne Frederica, Born 1857 in Barnham Broom, Norfolk, Died 1918 in St Marylebone

    Gurdon, Apsley Pulteney, Born Aug 13 1859 in Meerut, W Bengal, Died Apr 10 1862 in Calcutta, India

    Gurdon, Arthur William, Born 1862 in Walsingham, Norfolk, Died 1863 in Walsingham, Norfolk

    Gurdon, Bertram Francis, Born Jun 13 1877 in Paddington, Died Jan 04 1964 in Deben, Suffolk

    Gurdon, Bertram Robert, Born May 20 1875 in Green St, Mayfair, Died Jun 27 1875 in Green St, Mayfair

    Gurdon, Bertrand Evelyn Mellish, Born Sep 02 1867 in Calcutta, Died Oct 06 1949 in Crowborough, Sussex

    Gurdon, Blanche Judith, Born Sep 23 1845 in Cranworth, Norfolk, Died Dec 10 1930 in Horncastle, Lincs

    Gurdon, Brampton, Born ABT 1708, Died BEF 1733

    Gurdon, Brampton, Born 1672 in Letton, Norfolk, Died Nov 20 1741 in St Giles-in-the-Fields, Middlesex

    Gurdon, Brampton, Born 1633 in Letton, Norfolk, Died 1691

    Gurdon, Brampton, Born Sep 25 1797 in London, Died Apr 28 1881 in 38 Hill St, Berkeley Square, London

    Gurdon, Camilla Elizabeth, Born Aug 09 1909 in Woodbridge Suffolk, Died Jul 30 1985 in Orwell Park, Ipswich

    Gurdon, Charles, Born Dec 03 1855 in Barnham Broom, Norfolk, Died Jun 26 1931 in Pancras

    Gurdon, Charles Harold, Born Jan 15 1936 in Marylebone, Died Jan 23 1945 in Crediton, Devon

    Gurdon, Charlotte, Born Sep 06 1830 in Westminster, Died Jan 11 1868 in St George, Hanover Square

    Gurdon, Edith Annie, Born 1849 in Cranworth, Norfolk, Died 1913 in Christchurch, Hants

    Gurdon, Edward, Born Feb 26 1812, Died Jul 31 1873 in Hingham, Norfolk

    Gurdon, Edward Temple, Born Jan 25 1854 in Barnham Broom, Norfolk, Died Jun 12 1929 in St George Hanover Square

    Gurdon, Eleanor, Born 1828 in Hadleigh, Suffolk, Died 1886 in Dunmow, Essex

    Gurdon, Ellen, Born 1860 in Wells, Norfolk, Died 1952 in Gateshead, Durham

    Gurdon, Elsie, Born 1889 in South Stockton, Yorks, Died 1961 in Aylesbury, Bucks

    Gurdon, Emily L, Born 1835 in Cranworth, Norfolk, Died 1913 in Guildford, Surrey

    Gurdon, Evelyn Alice, Born 1870 in Kensington, London, Died 1966 in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset

    Gurdon, Evelyn Pulteney, Born CAL 1833 in Lyndhurst, Hants, Died Feb 05 1921 in Steyning, Sussex

    Gurdon, Ezetta, Born 1874 in North Walsham, Norfolk, Died 1954 in Gateshead, Durham

    Gurdon, Fanny, Born 1838 in Cranworth, Norfolk, Died 1933 in St George Hanover Square

    Gurdon, Francis, Born Apr 11 1861 in Barnham Broom, Norfolk, Died Dec 23 1929 in York

    Gurdon, George, Born 1791 in Woodbridge, Suffolk, Died 1855 in Hadleigh, Suffolk

    Gurdon, George Thornhagh, Born 1812 in Woodbridge, Suffolk, Died Apr 1814 in Woodbridge, Suffolk

    Gurdon, Grenville Pulteney, Born Aug 30 1878 in Worthing, Sussex, Died Jul 06 1904 in Gyantse, Tibet, killed in action

    Gurdon, Harriet Jemima, Born 1823 in Hadleigh, Suffolk, Died 1878 in Brighton, Sussex

    Gurdon, Henry Francis, Born 1900 in Leek, Staffs, Died 1935 in Erpingham, Norfolk

    Gurdon, Henry Frederick, Born 1859 in Burnham, Norflok, Died 1934 in Erpingham, Norfolk

    Gurdon, Hilda, Born 1892 in Thornaby, Yorks, Died 1985 in North Walsham, Norfolk

    Gurdon, Isabella Pulteney, Born 1837 in Cranworth, Norfolk, Died 1905 in Guildford, Surrey

    Gurdon, John, Born Apr 04 1799 in Cotton, Norfolk, Died Oct 12 1870 in Wivenhoe Park, Essex

    Gurdon, John Brampton, Born 1896 in Leek, Staffs, Died 1900 in Leek, Staffs

    Gurdon, Joyce Evelyn Mellish, Born Dec 13 1910 in Agra, India, Died Apr 2005 in North East Hampshire

    Gurdon, Judith Florence, Born May 08 1914 in Woodbridge Suffolk, Died Sep 1992 in Deben, Suffolk

    Gurdon, Laura Henrietta, Born CAL 1836 in Cranworth, Norfolk, Died 1909 in Guildford, Surrey

    Gurdon, Letitia, Born ABT 1694, Died Jul 1792 in Ashdon, Essex

    Gurdon, Muriel Charlotte, Born Apr 18 1876 in Hyde Park Square, Paddington, Died Jan 27 1919 in Wandsworth

    Gurdon, Percy Thornhough, Born 1870 in North Walsham, Norfolk, Died 1871 in North Walsham, Norfolk

    Gurdon, Philip, Born Jun 20 1800 in London, Died 1874 in Mitford, Norfolk

    Gurdon, Philip Brampton, Born Jul 14 1767 in Grundisburgh, Suffolk, Died 1795

    Gurdon, Philip Norman, Born Nov 05 1892 in Assam, Bengal, India, Died Oct 09 1916 in Bengal, India

    Gurdon, Philip Richard Thornagh, Born Feb 02 1863 in Murree, India, Died 1942 in Totnes, Devon

    Gurdon, Robert Bertram, Born Jun 21 1904 in St George Hanover Square, Died Jul 13 1942 in Alamein, killed in action

    Gurdon, Robert Thornhagh, Born Jun 18 1829 in London, Died Oct 13 1902 in Letton Hall, Norfolk

    Gurdon, Ruth Ellen Mellish, Born May 06 1916 in Simla, India, Died Aug 2005 in Chichester

    Gurdon, Theophilus, Born Jan 1814 in Woodbridge, Suffolk, Died Mar 1814 in Woodbridge, Suffolk

    Gurdon, Theophilus Thornhagh, Born Aug 24 1764 in The Close, Norwich, Died Mar 13 1849 in Cranworth, Norfolk

    Gurdon, Thornagh Philip Pulteney, Born 1842 in Cranworth, Norfolk, Died 1926 in Yarmouth, Norfolk

    Gurdon, Thornhagh, Born 1818 in Woodbridge, Suffolk, Died Feb 1819 in Woodbridge, Suffolk

    Gurdon, Thornhagh, Born ABT 1693, Died 1783

    Gurdon, Thornhagh, Born Jul 28 1663 in Letton, Norfolk, Died Nov 19 1733 in Letton, Norfolk

    Gurdon, Thornhagh Philip, Born 1765, Died Oct 1833 in Letton, Norfolk

    Gurdon, William, Born 1832 in Hadleigh, Suffolk, Died 1874 in Erpingham, Norfolk

    Gurdon, William, Born Oct 12 1804 in Norwich, Died Oct 12 1884 in Brantham Court, Norfolk

    Gurdon, William Brampton, Born Sep 05 1840 in Letton, Norfolk, Died May 31 1910 in Liverpool

    Gurdon, William Brampton, Born 1894 in Middlesbrough, Yorks, Died 1895 in Leek, Staffs

    Gurdon, William Woods, Born Jan 1820 in Woodbridge, Suffolk, Died Apr 1822 in Woodbridge, Suffolk

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