Surname: Downward

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  • Downward, Ada, Born 1910, Died Dec 1912 in Melbourne, Victoria

    Downward, Agnes Beatrice Hutton, Born Jan 06 1838 in Sorell, Tasmania, Died Feb 1841 in Hobart, Tasmania

    Downward, Albert Athol, Born Jul 26 1912 in East Brunswick, Victoria, Died Jun 1991

    Downward, Alfred, Born 1848 in Prahan, Victoria, Died 1930 in Mornington, Victoria

    Downward, Alice Elizabeth, Born 1875, Died 1951 in Ormond, Victoria

    Downward, Alice Hutton, Born Aug 03 1818 in Flimby, Cumberland, England, Died Oct 24 1869 in Victoria

    Downward, Alice Mary, Born 1868 in Snapper Point, Victoria, Died 1956 in Surrey Hills, Victoria

    Downward, Ann, Born , Died Dec 18 1962 in West Wyalong, NSW

    Downward, Arthur Henry, Born 1883, Died 1957 in Melbourne, Victoria

    Downward, Athol George, Born 1885, Died 1968 in Heidelberg, Victoria

    Downward, Boris Hutton, Born May 12 1896 in Clarence, Tasmania, Died Dec 18 1962 in West Wyalong, NSW

    Downward, Brian, Born 1935, Died 1985 in Melbourne, Victoria

    Downward, Campbell Lewis, Born 1864 in Portland, Tasmania, Died 1952 in Rosanna, Victoria

    Downward, Caroline Maud, Born 1863, Died Nov 07 1942 in Prahan, Victoria

    Downward, Charles Anthony, Born 1898 in Leichardt, NSW, Died Sep 17 1981

    Downward, Charles Cranstone, Born 1861 in Queenstown, Victoria, Died Jan 22 1951 in 8 Tinana st. Haberfield, NSW

    Downward, Charles Hutton, Born Jun 17 1830 in Sorell, Tasmania, Died Sep 11 1885 in Snapper Point, Victoria

    Downward, Charlotte Isobell, Born 1869 in Snapper Point, Victoria, Died 1956 in Box Hill, Victoria

    Downward, Constance Louisa, Born 1877 in Flemington, Victoria, Died 1956 in Camberwell, Victoria

    Downward, Cyril Edward, Born 1880 in Flemington, Victoria, Died 1880 in Flemington, Victoria

    Downward, Edward, Born 1847 in Sorell, Tasmania, Died 1923 in Camberwell, Victoria

    Downward, Edward, Born Feb 19 1813 in England, Died Oct 10 1893 in Balnarring, Victoria

    Downward, Elizabeth, Born 1852 in Collingwood, Victoria, Died 1855 in Prahan, Victoria

    Downward, Ellen Alice, Born 1870, Died 1941 in Brunswick, Victoria

    Downward, Ellen Campbell, Born 1872 in Snapper Point, Victoria, Died 1872 in Snapper Point, Victoria

    Downward, Ellen Hutton, Born Jul 14 1819 in Flimby, Cumberland, England, Died Aug 02 1915 in Kew, Victoria

    Downward, Ellen Mabel, Born Feb 25 1871 in Launceston, Tasmania, Died Mar 29 1871 in Launceston, Tasmania

    Downward, Elsie Maud Emily, Born 1878, Died 1964 in Melbourne, Victoria

    Downward, Elsie May, Born 1885, Died 1970 in Malvern, Victoria

    Downward, Emma, Born 1852, Died 1930 in Mornington, Victoria

    Downward, Emoline, Born 1892, Died 1892 in Snapper Point

    Downward, Esca, Born 1888, Died Dec 19 1931 in Sandringham, Victoria

    Downward, Esca Hutton, Born Feb 25 1910 in East Brunswick, Victoria, Died 1972 in Boronia, Victoria

    Downward, Estelle, Born 1886, Died Mar 03 1896 in Brunswick, Victoria

    Downward, Estelle May, Born 1908 in East Brunswick, Victoria, Died Sep 29 1986 in East Brunswick, Victoria

    Downward, Esther Ann, Born 1863 in Launceston, Tasmania, Died Aug 12 1863 in Launceston, Tasmania

    Downward, Ethel Josephine, Born 1883, Died 1918 in Mornington, Victoria

    Downward, Eva Campbell, Born 1875 in Ballnarring, Victoria, Died 1912 in Box Hill, Victoria

    Downward, Florence Emily, Born Sep 26 1864 in Launceston, Tasmania, Died 1926 in Hawthorn, Victoria

    Downward, Frances, Born ABT 1811 in England, Died Jan 31 1840 in Hobart, Tasmania

    Downward, Frederick, Born Mar 14 1814 in Fitters Lane, London, Died Mar 28 1894 in Hobart, Tasmania

    Downward, George Irvine, Born Sep 27 1914 in East Brunswick, Victoria, Died 1981 in Heidelberg, Victoria

    Downward, Gordon Lakeland, Born 1908, Died 1964 in St Leonards, NSW

    Downward, Harold May, Born May 03 1924 in Mornington, Victoria, Died Jun 1996 in Mornington, Victoria

    Downward, Henry Hutton, Born Aug 06 1859 in Tasman Peninsula, Tasmania, Died 1945

    Downward, Henry Phillip William, Born Jan 20 1870 in Launceston, Tasmania, Died Feb 27 1870 in Launceston, Tasmania

    Downward, Henry Plain Hutton, Born Dec 07 1832 in Sorell, Tasmania, Died Jan 24 1908 in Bellerive, Tasmania

    Downward, Henry Victor, Born Oct 09 1892 in Port Frederick, Tasmania, Died 1962

    Downward, Herbert Edward, Born 1880, Died 1973 in Frankston, Victoria

    Downward, Ida Violetta, Born 1920 in Carlton, Victoria, Died Jul 10 1992 in Melbourne, Victoria

    Downward, Ivy Kathleen, Born 1891, Died 1962 in Mornington, Victoria

    Downward, Jane Smeeton Hutton, Born Jul 11 1820 in Flimby, Cumberland, Died BEF 1828

    Downward, Jessie Westbrook, Born Aug 12 1867 in Tasman Peninsula, Tasmania, Died 1932 in Camberwell, Victoria

    Downward, John, Born Jun 27 1779 in Workington, Cumberland, Died Feb 04 1845 in Backbarrow, Cumberland

    Downward, John, Born Apr 1753 in Liverpool, Lancashire, England, Died 1817 in Workington, Cumberland

    Downward, John Campbell Hutton, Born Nov 21 1825 in Sorell, Tasmania, Died May 1908 in Box Hill, Victoria

    Downward, Joseph, Born Aug 1780 in Harrington, Cumberland, Died ABT Jun 1855 in Stepney, London

    Downward, Joseph, Born May 25 1851 in Spring Bay, Tasmania, Died Aug 1853 in Port Arthur, Tasmania

    Downward, Joseph William, Born ABT 1803, Died Mar 03 1888 in Clarence, Tasmania

    Downward, Keith James, Born Aug 27 1913 in East Brunswick, Victoria, Died 1994

    Downward, Laura Agnes Mabel, Born 1874, Died 1945 in Brunswick, Victoria

    Downward, Lewis Noel, Born Feb 28 1917 in Brunswick, Victoria, Died May 23 1945 in Sandakan

    Downward, Lilias Annie, Born Nov 26 1862, Died 1953 in Yarram, Victoria

    Downward, Louis Henry Lakeland, Born 1875 in Snapper Point, Died 1942 in East Brunswick, Victoria

    Downward, Louisa, Born 1857 in Moorooduc, Victoria, Died 1877 in Mornington, Victoria

    Downward, Lucy Eva Elizabeth, Born 1863 in Queenstown, Died 1863 in Queenstown

    Downward, Margaret Eleanor, Born 1854, Died 1931 in Balwyn, Victoria

    Downward, Margaret Hutton, Born Jun 10 1824 in Sorell, Tasmania, Died 1875

    Downward, Maria Muriel, Born 1859, Died Feb 23 1942 in Hampton, Victoria

    Downward, Mary, Born , Died Dec 18 1962 in West Wyalong, NSW

    Downward, Mary Ann Hutton, Born May 03 1828 in Sorrell, Tasmania, Died Jun 10 1906 in Hawthorn, Victoria

    Downward, Mary Hutton, Born Feb 18 1851 in Merri Creek, Victoria, Died 1937 in Wandin North, Victoria

    Downward, May, Born 1893 in Flinders, Victoria, Died 1893 in Flinders, Victoria

    Downward, Octavia Rosa, Born 1876 in Brighton, Victoria, Died 1876 in Brighton, Victoria

    Downward, Percival Gordon, Born 1883 in Snapper Point, Died Jul 22 1885 in Snapper Point, Victoria

    Downward, Reginald Charles McPherson, Born Jun 04 1914, Died Jun 1914 in Brunswick, Victoria

    Downward, Richard, Born 1814 in Kendal, Westmoreland, Died ABT Mar 1897 in Chorlton, Lancashire

    Downward, Richard, Born Dec 07 1783 in Workington, Cumberland, England, Died Feb 28 1862 in Launceston, Tasmania

    Downward, Richard Hutton, Born May 1835 in Sorell, Tasmania, Died Jun 1835 in Sorell, Tasmania

    Downward, Rosalie Hutton, Born Aug 10 1859 in Tasman Peninsula, Tasmania, Died 1940 in Prahan, Victoria

    Downward, Rupert Charles, Born 1887 in Richmond, Victoria, Died 1889 in Snapper Point

    Downward, Thomas, Born Dec 07 1783 in Workington, Cumberland, Died ABT Mar 1862 in Kendal, Lancashire

    Downward, Thomas Eddington Hutton, Born Nov 28 1822 in Richmond, Tasmania, Died Nov 17 1876 in Sale, Victoria

    Downward, Thomas Leonard, Born 1894 in Moruya, NSW, Died Aug 06 1915 in Gallipoli

    Downward, Victoria Maude, Born 1882, Died Sep 01 1955 in East Brunswick, Victoria

    Downward, William Alfred, Born 1878 in Brighton, Victoria, Died 1878 in Brighton, Victoria

    Downward, William Francis Hutton, Born Sep 17 1821 in Flimby, Cumberland, Died Apr 04 1822 in Flimby, Cumberland

    Downward, William Valendar, Born 1864 in Pentridge, Victoria, Died 1866

    Downward, Winifred Muriel, Born 1883 in Flemington, Victoria, Died 1884 in Sth Melbourne, Victoria

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