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  Author: Les  Homepage   Date: Apr 8, 5:49 AM
  In Reply To: Re:Hyperlink Stories  by: Shlomo

Hi Shlomo, I beg to differ. You have not simplified the HYPERLINK code. I suggested the following to Russell which is the standard.


<a href="YOUR STORY HTTP HERE">Russell SMITH</a>


As for the examples I gave----

I used the full URL address, so as not to confuse, as if I had simplified this, it would have looked incorrect. As you know addresses can be long or short.

I did not suggest the BACK/FORWARD buttons, as you should know that by using the BACK button, this is Ok, provided you have not gone back and forth selecting other pages, between using the HYPERLINK, as you will only go to those, before you get to the page that you had left previously, with the HYPERLINK.


All the best


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