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  Author: Gwynn Alcorn  Homepage   Date: Apr 18, 3:55 PM
  In Reply To: Re:GWYNN is it working now ?.  by: Les

Dear Les,

I thought you wanted me to go onto my Tribal Pages, and this is what I see when I am in Edit mode:

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Editing: The Ebach Family Tree

* Home

o Home Page

o Locator

o Site Map

o Guest Book

o Sources

o Connections

o Customize

o Music

o Family Tree DVD

* View

o Treebeta

o Family

o Ancestors

o Descendants

o Kin

o Reports

o Photo-Tree

o Maps

o Printable

* People

o Add New

o Last Names

o Name Index

o Events

o Stories

o Relationships

o Address Book

o Search

* Photos

o Index

o Slideshow

o Upload Photos

o Photos by Email

o Picasa Uploader

* Tools

o Invitations

o Backup


o Colors

o Privacy

o Settings

o Family Lines

* Edit

o Dashboard

o Upgrade











Website Location: http://ebach.tribalpages.com

You are now signed into your website as administrator. When you are done editing, click "Sign Out" above.

But I think I have it figured out that you want me to go ABOVE the Tribal Pages website. When I hit THAT "Tools", it does give me "Options" at the bottom, but the only thing I can think of that you might be referring to as a "cache" is where it says "Clear my history". Well, I am really nervous to do that! Who knows what might be "cleared" - like all my Favorites, my Passwords, my Bank Accounts, credit card numbers, library card number, etc., etc.? That would really scare me. I have never ticked that button in 20 years because I don't know what it will do.


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