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  Author: Les  Homepage   Date: Aug 4, 6:39 PM
  In Reply To: Re:GEDCOM  by: Barbara Ann Hughes Barlow

Hi Barbara,I had not realised that you had already mentioned this to Tribal Support, but a week is short timefor an answer from them.

If as you say, you have uploaded your GEDCOM and it is not showing, what is this


Maria I have the same question. I tried to upload Family Tree Maker new version 7. It said it loaded it but can not find it on my site. I am new at this and althought it has only been about 4 days I still have not heard from Support. Maybe they will answer your question and it will also answer mine at the same time.


Where have you put this, as your site


'The Barlow Family in Georgia'

is showing with 320 relatives, or is this not the site.

I suggest that you open up a FREE SITE, and try and upload your GEDCOM to it. If this works and shows up for you, and it is what you want, then UPLOAD it to overwrite


'The Barlow Family in Georgia'

Hope that I have made it clear,

All the best


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