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  Author: Doreen Newton   Date: Sep 17, 10:54 AM
  In Reply To: TP does not answer my messages to them  by: Sheila Jackson

Yes I can say he very same have now sent them 7 messages which they have totally ignored..

I have been with them for years and never had any trrouble.

This year before my membership was due I wrote to them to say I would not be renewing due to ill health..send another email..still no answer

When membership was due I got an email to click the link to renew which I did not do..Found out 2 days later they had automatically had taken my money and got in touch with Paypal to try get my money refunded and they could do nothing as it was an automatic payment !!.Have now sent them a total of 7 emails to have my money refunded and not once have they repllied..

Totally disgusted with them that they are ignoring all my mail..I will never recommend them to anyone like I have done in the past..

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