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  Author: Ian Marr  Homepage   Date: Sep 20, 3:52 AM
  In Reply To: Re:Profile Photos are not in Date Order now  by: Alan Scott

I take your point about how long it may take to scroll through multiple images. However, imagine that among that 500, or even 100, you wanted to access the various pictures relating to a marriage. If they were in some logical order, they would not only be easier to find, but you would be less likely to miss one. If there were also images of the 1841, 51, 61, 71, 81, 91, 1901 & 11 census returns and you needed to access a particular one - much easier if they were in order.

I did not say that any particular order for undated images was nonsensical. In fact, as I stated, whether they are placed first or last to a large extent is immaterial, though I preferred them to be first.

Dated photos not appearing in date order has nothing to do with how they are dated. It appears to be quite haphazard.

What is especially nonsensical is the situation we now find ourselves in - images in any order

I do think that the order in which photos are displayed IS a major issue as it materially affects how easy it is to find information and thus leads to unnecessary errors.


Ian Marr

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