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  Author: Alan Scott  Homepage   Date: Sep 20, 6:13 PM
  In Reply To: Re:Profile Photos are not in Date Order now  by: Ian Marr


You raise a second issue here. You mention images. Lets keep photo's and images as separate subjects. This matter originally started with the order of a persons PHOTO's being reversed. Now it appears to be including IMAGES (pdf I presume).


Firstly as you know it is the tree owner who has the responsibility of dating the PHOTO's and, to use your words, put them in a logical order. Unless I have read you incorrectly you are suggesting that Tribalpages are somehow putting PHOTO's out of date order as entered by the owner. If they are fully and properly dated by the owner and then do not come up in date order then that certainly is the time to complain.

From what I see in my site I have no evidence to suggest that your statement that "dated photos not appearing in date order has nothing to do with how they are dated. It appears to be quite haphazard" is not correct. Do you have some examples of this ?.

At present I have seen nothing worth complaining about as far as my PHOTO's are concerned. The only photo's I have seen in my tree that have not been in their true date is where I did not fully date them properly. I blame myself, not Tribalpages.

IMAGES (pdf)

IMAGES (Pdf) is a different matter. I fully agree with you about IMAGES.

To quote you again "what is especially nonsensical is the situation we now find ourselves in - images in any order".

I could not agree with you more. IMAGES was an great new feature but is certainly spoiled by our not being able to use some satisfactory order. The present order of just date submitted is not good. You can go to "Media" > "Files" but my eye does not pick up the colour print as easy as when looking for a photo. In a persons notes you can hover over the icon to find the subject but that is very time consuming if there are lot of icons for one person.

Maybe Tribalpages will look at that but don't hold your breath waiting.

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