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  Author: Ian Marr  Homepage   Date: Sep 20, 8:21 PM
  In Reply To: Re:Profile Photos are not in Date Order now  by: Alan Scott

Just to sort out any confusion, when I say images I mean photos as you would define them (jpg). I differentiate because some people picture pictures as being like those we take with a camera and don't regard an image (say, of a census return) as a "true" picture.

I will snip an example page as I work through my data entry which, hopefully, will show what I mean.

I had my cataracts done a few years ago. Brilliant. Went from wearing glasses all the time to not needing them at all. In medium - long vision, I found that depth and colour perception were also greatly improved. After a few years, however, I find I am back to wearing glasses again.


Ian Marr

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