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  Author: Ian Marr  Homepage   Date: Sep 21, 9:57 PM

When I compare the thumbnails displayed for people (Family View - Primary Person) there seems to be a consistent error in what photos are found by TP.

In Edit mode, when I click on the main photo and it displays thumbnails (three abreast) there might be, say 15 photos.

When I switch to View as Family Member (the view that any visitor will get) and click on the main photo, thumbnails of available images (again three abreast) are displayed and you can go to a particular picture by clicking on the thumbnail. In this view, thumbnails (and therefore the photo itself) are missing. In the case above (15), it might only show 12 thumbnails.

Other examples; 18 but only makes 15 available, 9 but you only see 5, etc., so it seems to be a consistent fault.

Anyone else seeing this behaviour, or as it so often seems, I am doing something strange or silly to cause it?

For anyone interested, go to my site (it is public) and check Daniel Rodden AITKEN (born 1883 - there are two of them, the second one, born 1928). Can you please advise me how many pictures are available. In the 1883 Daniel, there should be 16 (I am guessing that you will see 14); for the 1928 Daniel there should be 17 (I am guessing you will only see 9). I would be very interested to see the results.


Ian Marr

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