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  Author: Alan Scott  Homepage   Date: Sep 22, 9:38 PM


In addition to my Delux subscription site I have some free sites in Tribalpages. In "My Account" under "Web Sites" two of my "FREE" sites show the following wording -


Similar wording comes up first when I go to the home page for these sites.

That is very strange because the status of these sites has always been "FREE". How can a "FREE" subscription expire unless you are planning to charge something in the near future ?.

TRIBALPAGES - PLEASE EXPLAIN. I could make a number of assumptions regarding what you hope might happen by indicating a "FREE" site's subscription has expired. However better you explain to members in case I give the wrong impression.

Incidentally. I have no intention of paying a subscription for my "FREE" sites now that your imaginary subscription period has expired. If you are gong to ask for some payment then I will just delete my FREE sites. Paying for one delux site is enough for me.

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