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  Author: Les  Homepage   Date: Oct 9, 7:02 PM
  In Reply To: Re:Profile Photos are not in Date Order now  by: Ian Marr

Hi Ian , you say that you would prefer the photographs EARLIEST first and not concerned about the UNDATED


As T S are using EXIF and METADATA to date the photographs it is possible that your UNDATED are not picked up by this as possibly they are not Digital , and you are missing out on these

So you should look at these and DATE them yourself.

As far as DATE ORDER these should show LATEST first as we live by tomorrow and yesterday.

Your EARLIEST first could show Victorianer first and yesterday at the end of hundreds of photographs.

As EXIF and METADATA at the moment only pick up .jpeg and TIFF using Digital you will find your old prints from say 35 mm although .jpeg will not be dated by T S so you can possibly find these in the undated, although they should be with the main order of photographs

All the Best


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