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  Author: Larry E Litteral   Date: Oct 16, 12:34 AM
  In Reply To: FREE SITES  by: Alan Scott

Thank you, Alan, for your post.

You are NOT the only one receiving this notice. Aside from you, there are (at least) 3 other FREE sites with this same issue. Is this happening to all FREE sites?

For many years we have had FREE sites at Tribal Pages. (Actually they are no longer FREE, because of the forced advertisements.) Tribal Pages continues to say (at many places on the Internet) they have FREE sites. What is happening?

Perhaps someone is hacking into Tribal Pages and causing all manner of problems for Tribal Pages and its users? Is Tribal Pages and all users' sites safe?

Will the FREE site users loose access to their sites? What will happen to all the data?

I have privately emailed Tribal Pages regarding this and have yet to receive a reply. I know of one other FREE site user to do likewise. Alan, have you done this yourself? Everyone else should contact Tribal pages directly regarding this serious issue.

Why does not Tribal Pages chime in regarding this? Are they ill and have medical issues preventing them from working? Is Tribal Pages sinking into the abyss of long gone websites? What will happen to all (FREE and PAID) sites?

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