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  Author: Linda May Rumble  Homepage   Date: Oct 19, 3:07 PM
  In Reply To: CHECK if DATES are not added by T S  by: Les

Dear Les

What a shame that we cannot have a choice.

My images are not just photographs - I have trees & charts which have many dates on them and would much prefer them to be at the top... So now it seems to keep these interesting documents at the top eg. DNA verification - I will have to go through every year and redate them which is such a waste of valuable time.

Many family members may not realise that they have to scroll right through to the bottom of their images to see their DNA Matches - which of course include many dates!

I suppose I will have to put up with this new undemocratic imposition which we were not notified about.

I find this change very disappointing.

See this DNA Matches example:


Related Link:https://www.tribalpages.com/tribe/browse?userid=p0tter&view=63&pid=29&bview=0&rand=936689505

Image Source https://www.tribalpages.com/tribe/browse?userid=p0tter&view=66&bview=64&mview=0&pid=4117&bpid=4117&photoid=6861905&rand=600926076

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