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  Author: Les  Homepage   Date: Oct 30, 6:35 AM

Hi Tribal Support, as no doubt you know , it took me years to convince you that DEATH EVENTS was really needed, and once again thank you for doing a wonderful job of this.

One thing needs correcting though. When you select this and you go to Deaths List , the YEAR DATE is not in order, just mixed up.


October Deaths

Date Name

Oct 1989 Vye-Parminter, Katherine Angela

Oct 02 1992 Vye-Parminter, Hetty Adele

Oct 13 1983 click me! Lee, Elsie May



All Deaths

Date Name

Jan 01 1956 click me! COLES, Eliza

Jan 01 2011 click me! Reid, Constance Martha

Jan 02 1994 Vye-Parminter, William Arthur

Jan 19 2015 click me! Vye-Parminter, Juliette

As you can see DAY is in order but not the YEAR

Can you please correct this.

Once again THANK YOU


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