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  Author: Thomas Gabried Edward (Tom) GOLDSCHMIDT   Date: Oct 31, 4:19 AM

We are very new to TP.

The first impressions are good, would appreciate any inputs from TP users and their experiences.

We see on this blog that TP is rather slow in addressing issues.

We have come from Reunion and are testing TP to see if it works for our world wide multi platform family.


We are a family spread across the world.

Although we need to protect the core tree information, we see the need to allow multi access to the extended family who can then be responsible for their family side, entries.

Is this a multi platform cloud based system which will help to address a world wide family tree;

allowing controlled access and editing.

These are the core questions

Can we migrate Reunion data, there appears to be a loss in pix and text.

Has this been addressed?

How does the administration work.

Where and how is the data stored,

can we make our own back up?

It appears to be multi platform, any restrictions?

How many subscribers or family members can it support?

Is it designed for a very large and wide spread families

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