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  Author: Linda May Rumble  Homepage   Date: Nov 2, 2:14 AM
  In Reply To: Re:CHECK if DATES are not added by T S  by: Les

Hi Les,

Just writing to let you know that I have removed the Privacy Setting from my website so that you will be able to see the queries I have sent regarding these changes to our Photo Albums and Profile Photo sets... Many of the profile photos on my website can no longer be seen - When you try to click to open them, only the text I have written and the names they refer to can be seen - the images themselves are no longer visible.

As for the choice of three options in the Photo Albums... I have not changed mine (out of fear of creating more problems) - I have just checked through some of the missing images that were not visible earlier in the DNA Photo Album and found that the issue with those I have rechecked seems to have been corrected - So Thanks Very Much to whoever has sorted that problem out for me.

I am happy for all those that like the new photo order, it just does not suit my needs.


Kindest regards, Linda

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