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  Author: Cheryl   Date: Nov 22, 1:17 AM
  In Reply To: Re:I thought it was free?!  by: Valerie

I have downloaded the GEDcom to my computer and then uploaded to Ancestry so I could have the tree there for family to access who have done DNA testing.

NOTE: GEDcom uploaded well to Ancestry but it does not carry over any of the pictures, stories, documents, etc. I suppose it is possible the upload process with Ancestry does not pull them in but I suspect they are not included in the GEDcom file extracted from Tribalpages end. Don't want you to solely rely on saving a GEDcom thinking everything will be there. It also had a few minor glitches on places of death when it uploaded to Ancestry but it was easily fixed there.

I prefer the tools and like the navigation on Tribalpages more than Ancestry and have used it since 2013. But it has problems lately with the renewed subscription issue. I have a large tree with up-to-date deluxe subscription. A family member has a smaller site with a few entries. I don't know if she had free version or subscription. She added me as guest. I was getting her newsletters saying her subscription was past due. Now I get her newsletters stating newsletters will no longer be a part of free subscription and require upgrades.

Further, her tree and my tree are on the mobile app. Her tree opens with her few entries but my tree won't open on the app. It seems to be inactive or locked up. I can't find a way to delete her tree from the app, nor can I delete myself from her tree from my account dashboard. I suspect that my tree won't open on the mobile app due to her not renewing her subscription.

The only way I can access my tree is through browser but not on the mobile app from either my phone or iPad apps. I have had to abandon the app. I have requested help from technical support and received no response.

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