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  Author: Cheryl   Date: Nov 30, 1:40 PM
  In Reply To: Re:I thought it was free?!  by: Valerie

Tribalpages feels as if it is going down hill as far as support. It makes me nervous when I see these issues beginning to happen. I wonder if it has gotten too big for individuals they have in support to handle. I would hate for something to go wrong with Tribalpages down the road after all the work I have put in and all the pictures, documents, and stories I have included. I regularly backup my site and always felt I was safe with at least a saved GEDcom file on my computer. I was not aware until recently the GEDcom did not include all the pictures, documents, and stories. I hesitate to get the CD or flash drive because I will still add to my site and the the CD/flash drive will become outdated. Plus, I really would only want it to be able to pluck my pics, stories, documents off it if needed. I am not sure I would be able to.

I have decided, since I have the same tree on Ancestry, to begin the process of loading all my pics, documents, and stories there as a safeguard as well as continuing with Tribalpages. I still prefer Tribalpages and it is kind of nice to have a window open into Tribalpages and Ancestry and flip back and forth as I am working in one or the other. I only had the tree on Ancestry for family that have done the DNA testing to be able to look up individuals. I didn't initially think I needed to include all the attachments. But I guess it is time to expand it more now to be safe.

Good luck with your genealogy! I still have not gotten an aswer why I can't get into my tree with Tribalpages mobile app. I have both my tree and my cousin's tree on the mobile. Hers will open and mine will not. I can't find a way to drop her site out of mobile app and just leave mine there. She has not been maintaining her tree and I don't think she logs in any longer. It is an account that receives the expired subscription notifications. I don't know if that is why I can't open mine since they both seem to be married on the mobile app. but my Deluxe account is fully up to date with payment. It is frustrating I can't open my account there. Support does not respond when I have contacted them. This is why I feel they are going down hill. Something does not feel right with it.

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