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  Author: DELIA DUNN   Date: Dec 13, 1:54 AM
  In Reply To: Re:Order of Photos  by: Les

Les, I'm starting to think it depends on our individual brains and the way we are wired. I automatically think chronologically and so it wouldn't bother me to see the birth first at the top, then the graduation and wedding, death etc. in that order because my brain thinks in that order. But I can tell from reading other's posts that it really bothers them to see pictures that way so we need to have the ability to put them in any order. I do ALL my peoples' albums the same way even if I don't know the person at all and as people look thru my site they get used to the same order in all albums. Maybe this is not exactly what you are referring to but I'm assuming it is. Something else I do that my husband thinks is strange and he doesn't do with his site, is that under the Memo section for everyone, I put the birth record, marriage record, all the censuses available and then anything extra like military etc. then the death record. I don't use the Citation part as that is far too complex for my brain but I put my citation in that memo and it's real easy to do that way. And I use Stories for many people - if someone has not much information I put their entire life under Memo with citations.

So, see? I'm wired weird. Everyone is different in what they do and expect.

Hopefully you'll see this tomorrow : ))

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