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Discussion in Technical Forum started by David Gelfand, Jan 20, 8:58 AM
David Gelfand
Why is it that in the latest newsletter that I have received it shows that the ages of the people having birthdays are a year out.

Philip Laurence Nurick born 1962, it shows his age as 56 whereas it should be 57.

Would you kindly rectify the error, it is most annoying


David Gelfand

Cathy Scott
I have the same issue. I have contacted TP support on four separate occasions and once on the Facebook page (which has not had a post since April 2017!). All have gone unanswered.

There is no problem informing me when subscription monies are due and those funds are promptly collected. It would be wonderful if their customer service operated so efficiently.

Ah, and when I click to submit this response, I get a message that it will be posted once it "has been approved (within a few hours)". Hmmmmm… who is performing this service?? Hello! Anybody there??