Accidentally removed myself from family

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Jane Ocean
My name is Jane Ocean. I was born Terri Kim Koontz. My name was changed legally from Terri Kim Koontz in 2007 at my request by court order.

I am the biological daughter of June C Koontz and Richard A Koontz, the sister of Leslie A Kruger, and the mother of Michael Miller Jr and Richard A Miller. My birth date is March 8, 1967.

I uploaded a photo of my mother, June C Koontz, by mistake. It was accidentally uploaded as a photo of my mother instead of a photo of me.

In trying to correct this, I deleted the photo; but in doing so, I may have accidentally deleted myself from the family. Could someone who is a moderator or administrator please add me again?

Thank you.

Jane Ocean

Hi Jane it seems as if it is not your site.

If not open the site and on the top of Home Page you will see

Welcome and an invitation to get in touch with the owner of the site.

Send you request to them

All the best