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HARLINGEN, The Netherlands - The headline in a Dutch daily announced: Harlingen pioneer unknown in his hometown, Adam Wybe built a revolutionary cable lift in Danzig in 1644. After all those years, Danzig (Gdansk) still remembers the Frisian migrant with a Wiebe Wall, a Wiebe Square, a Wiebe armory, and a Bastion Wiebe. East Prussians and the Polish remain acquainted with their fortress builder and water works engineer, even though his name was forgotten at home. A subtle reminder, that about 435 years ago, Dutch religious dissenters became refugees abroad.

It has taken centuries since he and his brother departed this northwestern city in the province of Friesland but only recently people there became acquainted with Adam Wiebe and his brother Jacob. The brothers who pulled up stakes in Harlingen around 1600, felt threatened by heavy-handed and ruthless governors sent to the Lowlands by King Philip II of Spain. The brothers, followers of nearby Witmarsum’s former priest Menno Simons fled east, where numerous dukes and counts had joined Luther’s Reformation. By 1616, Adam Wiebe had settled in Gdansk, then still named Danzig, located in the flood-prone region of East Prussia. Jacob Wiebe built a new life in Freienhuben, near the Nogat River


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