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  Author: Diana   Date: Apr 5, 2:26 PM
  In Reply To: Re:Be Careful With Your Genealogy  by: Erik James

To Erick and all others, Susan Terry has a serious problem, Barb Nelson did not steal anything.Most All of these people that are Susan's relatives are also relatives of most of my family people who gladly shared with Barbara. Barbara shared tons of information with all of us and helped with our research of these families.Susan Terry tricked my friend into giving her my phone number in the pretense of discussing geneology which was not the case at all. Then she formed a team of my family members to attack Barbara. Susan has an idenity problem she does not know where she belongs. She tries to get light skinned colored or black people to change their nationallity which she did me because I am light skinned she said that I could pass. Think about it anyone who goes to the extreme to belittle a person is not secure with their ownself.

Barbara does not intend to write a book she only wants to help families connect. Susan Terry on the other hand told me she does.

My 2 cents are acutal facts and can be proven. Susan needs to get a life.

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