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  Author: Jerry C   Date: Jul 15, 3:57 PM

I am leaving this message because I found the GEDCOM file information a bit confusing. There is lots of instruction under GEDCOM on the menu about Importing GEDCOM files, but Exporting isn't clear. So here is what I was able to work out. YES you can get a standard GEDCOM file OUT of Tribal Pages.

First you have to have a paid site.

1) Login using your UserID and password

2) look under EDIT, Choose Dashboard

3) Click on the BACKUP/DOWNLOAD.

After you backup your site, you will see a link to DOWNLOAD YOUR SITE. The file is a GEDCOM file.

Here is where I got confused.

After running the backup, my PC opened a window showing the contents of the file. The only option to save that file was as a .mht file (archived html). Not what I wanted.

Here is what worked for me. Instead of clicking on the DOWNLOAD link (which opens the file) ...instead RIGHT CLICK on the link and choose SAVE TARGET AS. This gave me the option to choose a GEDCOM .GED file. OH HAPPY DAYS!

I was able to use the downloaded GED file to import into LEGACY on my local PC for safety. I am a happy camper.

Note: gedcom is a TEXT-ONLY format that does NOT copy your pictures. You have to download them separately. For that you can use a freeware "website ripper" to copy the images subdirectory of your website.

Hope this saves a few of you some time. Overall I am happy with Tribal Pages....especially at 1/10th the cost of some of the other genealogy sites on the net.

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