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  Author: Robesur   Date: Apr 28, 5:21 AM
  In Reply To: Joseph Thomas FOX  by: Doreen Anderson

I cannot see the birth registration of any Joseph Fox in Bermondsey London around 1839 nor any person living in London with that name and around the correct age on any census. There are 2 or 3 Joseph Fox of the correct age born in London but all with places of birth North of the Thames.

If you can give a little more information about this person, such as where he was living in the UK at any time, who and where did he marry, his occupation, etc., it may be possible to identify the person that you are seeking. The only clue that I can see is that a John Thomas Fox married in St Georges Stepney, in 1859, possible partners being a Fanny French or a Marie Sullivan.

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