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  Author: Ian Marr  Homepage   Date: Feb 22, 7:00 PM

May I echo the comment made by Robert Burns (23 Dec) that it is in your own best interests to provide adequate information when you make a query. I would also extend that advice to ensuring that your Subject is meaningful. I peruse this board only occasionally and work my way through the names, locations, etc. cited in the subject line to see if anything of interest may pop up.

On this occasion I see "death record", "children", "Family Tree", "My Family Tree", "re info", "lath" - okay that's a name but how hard would it be to include more of the name in the subject?

Subjects like these do not help your cause, in fact when someone is working their way through the messages it is probable they won't even open the message (I normally don't bother).

If you want to know more about your third great grandfather, John Smith, provide extra info (if known) in the subject line - John Smith, abt. 1742, Gloucestershire, England area. If you have no information use the nearest relative for whom you have details.

Sorry if this sounds like a lecture, but I've been in this frustrating "business" for a long time and get really frustrated when I see people making silly, fundamental mistakes that harm their cause.

Enf lecture,


Ian Marr

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