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  Author: Gene C. Loucks   Date: Mar 29, 1:56 PM

I have found my Loucks lineage in a book on google Books "Commerorative Biographical Record of Counties of Upper Wisconsin" The lineage takes me back to Christpoher Loucks born in 1803 in Pennsylvania whose parents are Adam Loucks and Elizabeth Foss. The book says Adam Loucks emigrated from Germany as a young man and fought in the Revolutinary War and Elizabeth Foss father was a Colonel in the War.

Can anyone help with information on these three relatives of mine? I cannot find them in war rolls or Pennsylvania records.

Related Link:https://books.google.com/books?id=VElEAQAAMAAJ&pg=PA264&lpg=PA264&dq=dewitt+clinton+loucks&source=bl&ots=-CnKmzbhkj&sig=r37pyVKgfxfn1Mb7dC1aZSX1Wg8&hl

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