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  Author: jeffreylonsdale  Homepage   Date: Apr 17, 3:36 PM
  In Reply To: Re:John Baines = Jenny ?????  by: Pauline Young

Hi Pauline. Having to type out a second time. My first reply disappeared into the ether!! Thanks for your reply and you are not alone in coming to this conclusion. And I was just about to check to see if any of her granddaughters had been given her name as a 'given' or second name as was very often the case. My cousin in Vancouver will be very interested by your reply. Many thanks

PS I used the Tribal pages regular when I was doing my researches some years ago---and I was in touch by e-mail with the site Administrator at the time---a lady---now Prof. Jill Poulston in NZ.I should have met her on a visit to Preston but my wife was whipped into hospital a couple of days before.---Pity!!

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