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  Author: Jacqui Edwards   Date: Dec 14, 9:43 PM

Hi there. My sisters and I have been searching for our Tupuna Harowe Morunga (Could have other variations to the spelling of his name) for some time. We don't have much information about him except that he used to reside at Wharengaere Bay in 1800s (according to the electoral roll). We have searched in some not all urupa where we think he may be buried namely Waima-Okahu, Wharengaere and Omanaia. We are still look in Whirinaki and the like. We have information going further back but we are wanting information or the link descending down from him to me? I don't know if he was married or not, or whether he had children, where he died and where he is buried. If you have any information, please don't hesitate to get in touch. Any information, regardless of how small is better than nothing. I take this opportunity to thank you in advance.

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