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  Author: Alan Scott   Date: Jan 2, 4:18 PM
  In Reply To: Re:In search for my tupuna Harowe Morunga  by: Jacqui Edwards

You write in Tribalpages Forum asking members for help but the chance of this happening is not great. At least Robert did answer your message and he tried to help while living on the other side of the world to you. Well done Robert.

Where I found the link needs no explanation. That's obvious by looking at the link. You obviously know about Google.

I think that what you need to take into account is that NZ membership compared to the rest of the world is extremely small and most could not be expected to understand Maori or spend their own time trying to find the meaning of your Maori wording.

Good luck with your research. You will not find your ancestor in the official NZ Govt. Internal Affair Dept. death records under the name you have provided.

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