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  Author: Jane Ocean   Date: Jan 6, 10:10 PM

My name is Jane Ocean. I was born Terri Kim Koontz. My name was changed legally from Terri Kim Koontz in 2007 at my request by court order.

I am the biological daughter of June C Koontz and Richard A Koontz, the sister of Leslie A Kruger, and the mother of Michael Miller Jr and Richard A Miller. My birth date is March 8, 1967.

Today I uploaded a photo of my mother, June C Koontz, but it was accidentally uploaded as a photo of my mother instead of a photo of me. In trying to correct this, I deleted the photo; but in doing so, I may have accidentally deleted myself from the family. Could someone who is a moderator or administrator please add me again?

Thank you.

Jane Ocean

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