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  Author: bernard sabarre  Homepage   Date: Aug 26, 11:38 PM

could you please add a current location field and a place of burial field for the use of google map because for the google map to be useful it has to show the geographical locations of persons from the tree. i think the following should be relevant:

1. if living then check current location then place of birth

2. if dead then check place of burial then place of death

current location and place of burial are more relevant info

the following is my work-around to implement above conventios:

Google Map (person locator) parameters - reused some fields to make it work as follows:

1. place of birth field is used to store current location. must sync with google to work. ex, san pedro, laguna, philippines must be san pedro city, philippines to locate correctly in the map else mixed up with another.

2. place of birth info can be stored in the notes.

3. if deceased, append a + at the end of the first name to indicate a cross for deceased in the map.

if deceased, place of death field must be used to store place of burial info. place of birth must be empty for google to pick up this info.

4. for any location info, dont forget to append the country to the location ex Manila, Philippines or Sydney, Australiia or Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. it maybe longer but google will be able to place the location correctly everytime.

5. in the map, if located correctly, when the red alphabet balloon is left-clicked, it will show the name/s of persons in that location.


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