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  Author: Mark  Homepage   Date: Sep 19, 9:08 AM
  In Reply To: Family Crests  by: Gina Dyer

Hi Gina,

The best bet is to have a try with what Pauline suggested - you'll probably need to upload the images to TP. Of course there is the changing image in the top left corner, which many TP members add crests to (you can put the crest images in a new photo folder and then create a slideshow just using that folder - go to 'CUSTOMIZE' in 'HOME').

For my own site, I have made the images 'clickable' so that when someone clicks on it they go to the top of the tree. I also have the name next to it, which when someone clicks it calls up all the people with that surname. It's really not too difficult to do.

If any of the above is something you might like to do, but you need a hand, get back to me or this forum, and we can help out. But as Pauline mentioned, it's all on the TIPS pages!

All the best,


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