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  Author: Nancy  Homepage   Date: Nov 13, 12:56 PM

to our Tribal techs ... I would really appreciate it if you could write a little old programming line that would look at the data that I am entering and identify if I have already entered that person in another place (family line). With about 25,000 names in my data base that covers many different families it is VERY HARD to know if I have already entered a specific person .. ie: son, husband, father etc.. previously. Thus I, fairly frequently, have to spend a good deal of time trying to decide which of the duplicate names needs to be deleted and then repair the data information to both lines that are affected. Having been associated debt collections where matching names/data to the correct person was mandatory the above requested feature was the answer to potential errors. You already track my data and allow me to see if my input matches another members data which is a handy after the fact feature. I would love to a REAL TIME heads up BEFORE I hit the enter key. Thank you for any consideration ... Nancy

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